Fingerprinting allows a site to track
an internet user for a month despite cleaning the browser history or browsing
in incognito mode. Different firms use the same tracked information for their
advertisement. Browser Fingerprinting is the term that refers to describe the
act of discreetly gathering device setting data as well as software through the
browser of internet users while they seem online. The settings combination is
used to build a user’s fingerprint or unique identity.

Methods Used for Browser

As we know, browser fingerprinting is
becoming pervasive. Many websites even the top-ranked websites are using
fingerprinting for the identification of returning and new users. 

Different methods are used for
browser fingerprinting:

Audio Fingerprinting

This method of fingerprinting
actually tests the play sounds of your device. Sound waves are used to provide
information about the audio stack of a device such as, sound software, drivers,
and hardware. Lalicat helps users in customizing data and provides a unique
fingerprinting identity so that no one can harm your data. 

Clock Skew

Clock skew is the method used for
tracking fingerprinting to protect the data of users. In this method,
electrical signals from one source unevenly arrive at different components and
all differences are affected by the temperature variations of hardware. With
enough numerical analysis as well as enough data, the clock skew differences
can easily be measured for the determination of specifications of the hardware
and many other machine aspects.

HTML5 Canvas

Browser fingerprinting provides more
data through accessing HTML5 Canvas as well as requesting graphics processing
measures. The most interesting thing is that HTML5 Canvas easily reveals the
browser, GPU, and operating system of the machine. HTML5 Canvas requests the
browser for rendering a particular image.

Browser Uniqueness

By using virtual browser profiles with customized, native browser fingerprints,
account bans can be avoided, and unreliable masking methods can be avoided. In
this way, you can grow your business easily because you don’t have a tension of
detection of your precious data. Brower uniqueness is the only determining
factor that helps to recognize the user. This helps to contrast or compare one
device to other computer fingerprints in order to find duplicates. Without
having cookie data access, the user can be identified by the website as

Browser fingerprinting is now
becoming popular around the globe as a tracking measure. Whenever the user
visits a website, the browser provides the hosting server with important
information in order to ensure the proper working of the website. The
information includes, keyboard layout, language layout, installed hardware,
software versions, device spec and model, and many more. Lalicat helps in the
configuration of all data so that other users or third-party can’t collect the
personal data of the user. 


Fingerprinting is, therefore, an
efficient identifier and it can easily bypass virtual private networks, private
browser windows, and other measures in order to track the activity. This helps
the user to stay away from the fraudulent internet users and secure the data of
users. Browser fingerprinting actually forms a robust security strategy
integral part.


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