Let’s get it straight we see broken relationships all around us. Couples separating and broken families are becoming common. Mistrust, adultery, lack of sexual involvement and others are often cited as reasons for couples separating. In most of these cases both the partners walk out with a heavy heart from the relationship. Browse the internet and you will come across thousands of tips on how to heal a relationship. All that these tips stress on is communicating, forgiving and expressing love towards your partner as solutions towards a healthy well being. Though these might work in some cases they fail to deliver in most. The reason – mending a relationship takes a lot more than reading some tips and applying them to your daily life.

For healthy relationships what you need is a holistic approach to the problem. You need to identify the problem areas that exist in your relationship. Each one of us has some characterizes that defines our individuality and makes us what we are. And when we are talking about a couple it involves two sets of distinct characteristics that need to blend with each other. There are those who are made for each other while for others being together is conditional existence. So a generalized approach to repairing strains in a relationship won’t yield much fruitful results.

The approach to solving discord in relationships is not to lose one’s individuality as all of us a complete person in ourselves. Rather it accommodates all our individual wishes and desires mutually and move towards a healthy companionship. There are issues that might create issues between two people and an expert counsellor would guide you in ways to mutually work out a common path through such issues without hurting each other’s sentiments or raising the bar of ego.

One of the focus areas of healing any relationship is sex. Most of us see two reasons for a couple to have sex – physical pleasure and to produce offspring. However Chinese philosophy of Yang and Yin has offered us a completely new look into this where it states that each of us carries the polarity of the other sex within us. This means that although men and women are equal in regards to their sexual behaviour they are also very different in their processes. Sex is important for our spiritual development and keeps up energy levels in our body. This can help in raising the Kundalini energy in our body and take us to a better state of togetherness and companionship.

If you are facing problems with your relationship or with your sexual life it would be wise to attend a holistic healing program from an expert. They help in improving and harmonizing your relationship and also resolving any sexual issue that might act as a hindrance to the relationship. These programs aren’t restricted to romantic relationships between couples but also relationships that we share with others around us, such as professional relationships and those between different members in a family.

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Jacques Tombazian is the author of spiritual book 'The Path To the 5th Dimension'. He conducts healing program and relationship counselling that have helped couples rekindle lost love and happiness in their lives.