The person you hoped to spend your life with has left you, for whatever reason. Your heart is broken. Initially, that pain and heart-ache is unbearable and you don’t know how you’re going to get through the next minute, let alone the next day.

Obviously you need to go through a grieving process for the lost relationship, and that will take time. However, you can help yourself through the first acute stages of pain with these simple, natural remedies and healing exercises.

Crystal Healing

Take a piece of Rose Quartz or Rhodochrosite crystal. Cleanse it in running water, and then keep the crystal with you at all times. You can also hold the crystal and focus on its energy while breathing slowly for a few minutes. Mentally make a connection with the crystal. The energy of these crystals resonates with the heart centre, and the pink colour has the energy of love. It will help to heal and nurture the energy of your Heart Chakra.

Flower Remedies

Get yourself the following Bach Flower remedies (available from any health-food store): Rescue Remedy, White Chestnut and Gentian. Rescue Remedy helps with the shock and trauma, White Chestnut helps with the thoughts that go round and round your head and Gentian helps with the sadness. Take four drops of each remedy, add to 10ml of brandy or vinegar as a preservative (choose vinegar if you are taking other medications) and then make the mixture up to about 30ml. Take four drops of the mixture four times a day, or more frequently if you feel distressed. The remedy is perfectly safe and you can take as much as you wish without ill effects. It does not need to be refrigerated.

If you feel extremely distressed, take four drops of undiluted Rescue Remedy directly on your tongue. Repeat this every fifteen minutes until you feel calmer.

Coral Colour Therapy

The colour energy which will help you most at this time is Coral; Coral is a mixture of pink and yellow. In colour psychology, pink is the colour of unconditional love, and yellow is joy. The resulting coral colour is very special in colour healing. Contained in coral we have self-love, self-acceptance and self-respect. This colour makes us feel good about ourselves. It honours our sensitivity, it nurtures us, and it allows us to blossom. Whenever you are feeling vulnerable, devastated, dejected or rejected, the energy of coral is like being given a big hug. Use as much of this colour as you can as it will be hugely supportive to you at this time: wear coral clothes and jewellery, find some coral-coloured bubble bath, if you don’t like the colour, you can wear coral underwear!

This visualisation exercise is also very supportive. Sit or lie quietly, and imagine that you are completely surrounded by a soft coral-coloured light. Visualise the colour soaking through your skin, soaking into your muscles, your bones, and your blood. As you breathe in, imagine that you are breathing in the coral energy deep into your lungs. Let the energy soak into your heart. Imagine it getting stronger and stronger with every in-breath.

Feel your heart pumping the colour around your body. Feel the coral energy filling every single cell of your body. Now imagine the energy cleansing the pain and heart-ache from you, making your cells clean and renewed.

Using these simple healing techniques will take the edge off the anguish of those first few days and weeks. It will also clear the energy signature of shock and trauma from your cellular memory. This is particularly important if you want to avoid the experience sabotaging your life in the future.

As the shock wears off, you will move into the next stages of processing the loss, and will finally begin to regain your well-being. Remember that whatever the reason for your relationship breakup, you are worth looking after, and are worthy of being loved for who you are.

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Dr Anne Whitehouse is a Colour Psychologist and Flower Remedies practitioner. Would you like to be able to help heal yourself and your family? There are simple, natural and powerful techniques you can use, that cost nothing. Find out how you can make your life better at and join Anne online at for discussion and support.