One of the most wonderful and amazing things that we can do for ourselves is to let ourselves receive. More often than not we are eager, willing and ready to give, give, give. We sometimes give SO much that we run out of energy and we end up depleted. How and why does this happen? Well it's quite interesting how the Universe works - in the Universe there is always a balanced and natural flow. Currency, circulation, electromagnetism, are all good examples of how this flow works - there are always two sides in a duality based Universe. When we keep giving and fail to receive we have cut ourselves off from the natural flow. When we cut ourselves off from the natural flow we eventually dry up, run out, and find ourselves in a position where we are badly out of balance and really feeling desperate. Why, oh why would we do this to ourselves?

One of the biggest reasons for getting this far out of balance and shutting ourselves off to the natural flow and harmony of the Universe is our own lack of self worth. We don't feel deserving, for a huge variety of reasons, to receive from others, and most of all from The Great Spirit. Take a look around you and really begin to see with clear eyes and an open heart how truly abundant Nature is. How many varieties of fruits, vegetables, animals, minerals and people there are in the world. The abundance is mind boggling if you really take a good look at things from a truer perspective. There are a staggering number of choices that we have just in the toothpaste aisle at the local drugstore (have you CHECKED OUT how many different kinds and flavors of toothpaste we have access to lately???) The mind and heart of the human is endlessly creative. As is the mind and heart of our Creator. We were created in the IMAGE of the CREATOR. Times like these call up the greatness of our capacity to create, create, create.

Just pause for a few moments, let go of any thoughts of lack, scarcity, anxiety or separation from your Source and Breathe. Breathing slowly, deeply, evenly - take a moment to give thanks - Thank you for this breath. Thank you for this life giving and sustaining oxygen that I take into my lungs. Thank you tree people for providing this for me, I receive gratefully and gracefully. Let me breathe back out in to the atmosphere some carbon dioxide for you to inhale majestic tree beings. Thank you for taking this in and exchanging it for oxygen so that I may have my next beauty filled breath. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Now, in the stillness of your being, call forth a solution, any solution to any one of the myriad seeming "problems" that we have before us. Tap IN!! Tap in to that great Universal river of ideas and inspiration that endlessly and effortlessly flows and that all of Earth's children have access to at any time. Tap in and LET FLOW THROUGH YOU a solution. Open to letting the flow come in - to letting yourself access the Universal Mind Matrix, that creative space of endless possibility.

As you open and receive, as you allow and you remember your own worth, as you acknowledge your value, as you remember your power as a creative being and as you join together with others who have stepped into being the change they wish to see, you will find that the blessings begin to flow ever more rapidly into your life. Blessings of abundance, blessings of wonderful, stimulating relationships, blessings of fulfilling work, blessings of beauty, blessings of truth, blessings of friendship, blessings upon blessings upon blessings. Bring on the Blessings and LET YOURSELF RECEIVE! You are worthy, you are deserving, you are nothing less than Divinity itself, living, breathing Creator Gods and Goddesses with the power and the capacity to create the most blessed of worlds for yourself, your loved ones, your community and this magical and magnificent planet. Thank you Great Mother Earth for the gift of this life. We are blessed indeed.

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