Every marriage is like a bed or roses and a fairy tale in the beginning. Things are always great when couples are starting a married life but once the responsibilities of married life keeps growing, things will begin to change. The arrival of children, the demanding jobs and the growing responsibilities of raising a family could kill the romance in a marriage. Lack of romance in a marriage can be really dangerous and before your relationship becomes dull and lifeless you need to bring back the romance in your marriage. The following tips can be very helpful to rekindle the romance and love in your marriage.

You have to know that being romantic is not hard. The everyday life of being married can be very overwhelming and to fulfil the responsibilities in the marriage, couples usually become less romantic and affectionate. They have this thinking that they do not have the time left for romance with all the responsibilities they have. To bring back the romance in your marriage, you have to understand that it is not hard to be romantic. Being romantic does not require too much time, it does not require huge amount of money and it is not a hindrance in fulfilling your marital responsibilities. You can be romantic while attending to your job, to your children and to all your marital responsibilities. Sending a text message that you love your spouse can be done in a few seconds and doesn't cost much but the effect could be so great. A wife receiving a love message in the middle of running errands at home could be very happy. A husband receiving a message of love and encouragement before a difficult task at work could feel inspired and well-loved. Being romantic is not hard so you do not have to stop being romantic even if you have tons of responsibilities being a spouse and a parent to your kids.

Celebrate love. To bring back the romance in your marriage, do not forget to celebrate special couples' day. Do not forget to celebrate Valentine's Day, wedding anniversaries, birthdays and if possible even the day you first met. Celebrations do not have to be extravagant, remember that it is the thought that counts but you are not violating any rule if you want to have the celebration in the most extravagant way. The most important thing is do not forget to celebrate important dates in your relationship and spend time together to remind how much you love each other through the years.

Say I love you everyday. Some people find it corny but saying the words "I love you" at least three times a day is important if you want to bring back the romance in your marriage. Do you get tired of eating your meals three times a day? What will happen if you will not feed yourself at least three times a day? Of course you will not get tired eating because you will starve to death if you failed to feed yourself. It is the same with marriage. You have to nourish your marriage with words of love for it not to starve for affection. In this world of high-tech gadgets, communication is easy. You can send a video message expressing your love to your spouse and you can call your spouse to express how much you love him or her.

Little things mean a lot. There are tons of romantic little things that you can do for your spouse to bring back the romance in your marriage. Compliment your spouse for his or her good looks, massage your spouse's back or feet after a tiring day, hold your spouse's hand or give him or her a quick kiss in public, sing for him, view the sunset together and the list goes on and on. You know your spouse very well and you know the things that will make his or heart flutter so do not hesitate to do those things for your spouse. Marriage is a lifelong commitment and to stay together for a long time, you have to nourish your marriage with love and romance.

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