It doesn’t matter why you aren’t living a Brilliant Life in this very moment, the underlying cause is always same. It all starts with YOU.

You are a Powerhouse; you are yet to discover how to use it to your advantage. This is the very reason you face some form of challenge. Living a Brilliant life is a whole different ball game to what you’re used to, no matter where you are in your life, no matter what you’ve already achieved.

The great thing is we are all work in progress. Unless you are the epitome of Buddha, Gandhi or some other great leader, there is always room for improvement. How you decide to go about making those improvements is up to you.

By choosing to own your innate Brilliance, you will open yourself up to a completely new way of being, thinking & feeling. And let’s face it, if you haven’t already got a life you love, something has to change and with my expertise I can confirm that new thinking, new feeling and new being is right up there at the top of the Living Brilliantly list!

1. Blinkered vision will prevent you from fulfilling your brilliant life. Like a horse, when you wear your blinkers, you can only see what is in front of you. When you take off your blinkers, you’ll open yourself up to the immense opportunity that completely surrounds you.

2. Living Limitlessly starts by undoing the self imposed limits you’ve placed on yourself. The only person stopping you from having exactly what you want is you. Take the cap off your capabilities & you will be surprised at what you can achieve.

3. Stop blaming other people, circumstances and events for what you have or haven’t got in your life. Take responsibility for everything; good and bad, and you’re inner power will have stand out like never before.

4. Pursue excellence in all you do and do it with commitment. Dreams don’t come true sitting on the sofa waiting for something to happen.

5. Resistance will appear often when you least expect it, learn to recognise it and work through it.

6. There’s only so much you can achieve on your own, find a Mentor, Coach or Accountability partner to help you move beyond your boundaries.

7. Energy drains are the biggest cause of stunted dreams. Who and what drains your energy? Get them out of your life, starting with your own draining thoughts and beliefs and become a radiator of positive energy.

8. You can only feel good when your vibes are high, high, high, make it your top priority to do more of what you enjoy and less of what you don’t.

9. Learning to love yourself is the most important part of building your foundation. Start by loving you just the way you are, after all you’re already Brilliant!

10. Listen to what your natural guidance system is telling you! YOU have all the answers, you just need to start tuning into them.

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Natasha Abudarham, the ‘Go Get It’ Specialist is the person you go to when you are ready to unleash your inner Prowess. She is also a Speaker, Radio Host on Law of Attraction Radio Network and a Brilliant Woman. For her FREE ‘Guide to living a life you fully love” go to: