While digital marketing has got itself planted in most fields of business and is on a dramatic growth path, it is very clearly not acceptable to let go of traditional marketing. Strategic integration of the two is essential for a successful marketing plan. For any digital marketing company in India, combining the two requires an understanding of the differences and similarities between the two and using them to maximise the benefits for your organisation.
Several traditional marketing methods are very relevant, even in the times of digital marketing.
The two can certainly be merged for optimal results. Some of the ways of teaming them are detailed below:

Nurturing Leads Coupled with Direct Mail Marketing

E-mails based on lead generation could very often remain unread or even land up in the spam folder owing to the high volumes of e-mails and the perceived irrelevance of the same. Unless the consumer is keen on dealing with the particular category at a given time, those could also be deleted while remaining unread.
Supporting this with direct mail is something that works to counter the effects of saturated email inboxes. Receiving something physical such as a postcard, a letter or even a small but useful gift can help your brand to stand out among others and trigger a favourable response.

Cold Calling Supported by Intent Data

An effective strategy from the older times, cold calling has been losing its efficacy, but it is still an important aspect of traditional marketing. When supported by data received from various sources that indicate a consumer’s potential intent for the use of a particular service, the same strategy can regain its old glory and prove beneficial for the current business scenarios.

The consumers targeted by a digital marketing agency in Delhi are more likely to give a positive response and the irrelevant contacts from a random calling list can thus be avoided. This improves the efficiency of your marketing plans and helps reach the goals easily.

Utilising Digital Media in Combination with Print Media

While digital media is accessible to a fairly large segment of the population and the penetration and reach are remarkable, there is a significant benefit in incorporating print media into a marketing plan. The cost of digital marketing is one of the aspects that drives it, but one must not forget that the print media exists for a reason. People still love to read printed material. Once printed, the content remains accessible and has a shelf life much beyond that of digital content. Combining the two aspects can help in improving the reach and recall of your brands. It also allows you the flexibility of choosing how, when and where your content is published, and you can target niche audiences.

Platforms for Traditional Content Integrated with Geotargeting

Hoardings and billboards are some of the most effective platforms for traditional content as they have the capability of being non-invasive while reaching and engaging large sections of populations simultaneously. For this reason, they can be effectively combined with the digital media in a bid to improve brand awareness and image.When combined with geotargeting data, marketers can use these to target their consumers based on their personas and more frequented locations. This helps to provide tailored content to the prospects making the marketing strategy more effective.

Account-Based Marketing and Live Events

Account-based marketing is one of the most utilised strategies of the digital format. This is especially employed for the accounts with higher chances of conversion. When combined with event marketing, the effectiveness of this mode can be multiplied to get even better results. This is a more personalised approach and encourages your privilege account holders to have higher engagement with your products and services. Events can also be used as an opportunity to interact with other business partners as sponsors or attendees and create a win-win situation.

In conclusion, it is not wise to let go of something that has stood the test of time and been the basis of the current marketing strategies. The more pragmatic approach will always be to take the old along when treading a new path. These will only help in boosting and supporting the new methods. Going entirely with the new could make you lose out on some significant opportunities.

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Ankita Sharma works as a digital marketing analyst for Techmagnate with 10 years of experience. She loves to spend a lot of her time hanging out on Social Media.