Today about 17.5 million people are getting trained for waging wars. They are being trained to imbibe the ‘art’ of using murderous weapon, killing other humans and thus destroying precious wealth of the world. This then is their ‘artistic skills’. All specialties of their inner personality are used for this goal. Apart from this some 70 million people are immersed in designing/production of weapons and running industries to fulfill other requirements related to the armed forces. Apart from this is the highly intellectual set of people who via their brain talent conduct such research and unearth techniques with the aid of which very easily more and more destruction can ensue. They think that their talent shall succeed by unfolding less expensive and more potent solutions for destroying world people and hordes of wealth.

In this world there are more than 15 million people whose annual income is about 500 rupees. Half of the lay public whose monthly income is 40 rupees is such whose average income is even worse. Very rarely they eat a sumptuous meal and get enough cloth to hide their naked starved bodies. Majority of them just gobble a little food procured somehow and with tattered cloth try to hide their nakedness.

For this poor world public can we not come forward and do something? Are those powerful people incapable of doing the needful in this direction? Those who analyze all this studiously tell us that if not all at least large powerful nations of the world get together and work in this direction a lot good can be done. If these countries decide to use that wealth and human resources so far misused in waging futile wars is used to uplift humanity immersed in strife then the income of these poor 15 million people can double in a few months itself. They will now earn 1000 instead of 500 rupees per year. Thus by crossing the line of intense poverty for the first time they shall tangibly attain at least the basic requirements of daily living.

If all this wealth is used for constructing houses in the subsequent year then about each of these 200 million people will get a respectable roof over their heads that today are living in slums which are worse than sheds in which animals are kept. If gigantic arrangements are made for less expensive cottage industries in the 1st year, building homes in the 2nd year, education in the 3rd year, health in the 4th year and electricity/dams/transport/communication etc in the 5th year then this 5 year plan can positively transform the destiny of 17.5 billion people that constitute half the world’s population. In fact this can be done by Russia and USA itself. And even if not with full zeal even with limited zeal other countries of the world step in this direction know for sure that all the backwardness of the world shall disappear into thin air. Thus nowhere shall we see the terrific Tandav dance of agony and downfall which today with its hell like burning and stench is marring the world’s atmosphere.

Man possesses both the power to destroy and create too. He can destroy and neo create too. Once energy is used for a particular purpose it will reach its target be it destruction or creation.

For eons together our eyes visualize and our ears hear about the manifold amount of world population and wealth being destroyed during battles and wars waged. Innumerable people were involved in building towns, dams and bridges for which untold amount of material means were used. These in fact were centers of hope for world lay public. It was believed that under its shelter many people for a long time span shall get comfort so as to lead peaceful lives. But alas all their hopes fizzled to naught. Bombs made from basket full of dynamite were dropped on these buildings and in a jiffy they were pounded to dust. In this manner creation was defeated and destruction tasted victory.

Explosions ensue in hot wars, dynamite too erupts in a fiery manner and dead corpses get dragged here and there. The children of those who die wail aloud in agony. Poverty, inflation, starvation and diseases that are the result of untold destruction of wealth aid in sprouting of many hardships and although man erroneously thinks wars to be cheap in fact in actuality are very expensive.

Studies by Soviet Union conclude that merely in the production of nuclear weapons 20000 such scientists and technicians are at work that from the standpoint of intellectual skills are of very high stature. Added to this, their aides’ number are even much more. As per a report published by UN amongst scientists and technicians of the world 25% are immersed in production and newer inventions of war technology/weapon designing. 50% of expenses of the world scientific fraternity is used for paraphernalia required by soldiers to fight horrific wars. Three fourths of inter planetary satellites set rolling in interstellar space are meant to find information of war based activities and get all secret data. According to ILO in the whole world about 200 million people are enlisted in the army. Every year this number increases n fold. It is inferred that 4 parts of the world’s labor force is immersed in social tasks and 3 parts are of the soldier class. On the one hand so much wealth power and human resources are being used for destructive purposes whereas on the other hand due to lack of wealth a major portion of the world’s population faces various types of problems and strife.

According to well known specialists on an average in this world 1 million dollars are used for weapons per minute. With the help of so much cash at least 100 new jobs can be created or else 100 flats can be built. If for 6 minutes production of weapons is stopped then with this saved money a very modern hospital with latest medical technology can be constructed.

With the amount of expenses used to produce weapons per minute, 4000 tons milk can be bought.

Innumerable people the world over are unable to get 2 square meals a day. Hence even if for 1 minute weapon production is stalled these hungry people can imbibe new life force. This is the great thinking of known specialists.

This amount of cash spent on war technology helps merely in creating streams of bloodshed of world humanity. These battles and wars are never initiated for some great ideology or principle but that the chief aim behind it is to boss and lord over other nations. When a war is waged against a particular country, the latter too out of self defense has to use weapons. Whose path was apt and whose was otherwise? This decision ordinarily is taken on the basis of who won or not. Those who win are known to use broadcasting communication systems to prove their point as correct.

Regarding this innumerable innocents are killed and many families are ruined. In the past 2 world wars there was untold loss of wealth and human life. Even if one tries to imagine this our hands will stand on end. If for 1 year weapon production is stopped then this wealth saved can solve so many problems faced the world over. In order to ward off illiteracy in the world it takes on an average 0.1 million rupees to open 1 primary school. In this manner 4,147,000 such schools can be opened. If in 1 school 200 students get admission then primary education can thus be imparted to 829,440,000 children of the world. From the above mentioned amount of cash saved 414,000 intermediate colleges can be opened (each made from 1 million rupees) or else for higher education if universities are inaugurated 414 universities can be opened (each costing 1,000,000,000 rupees) within 1 year itself.

Instead of literacy this cash is used to ward off diseases and augment good health 4,146,200 primary health centers can be opened (each costing 0.1 million rupees). Else modern medical equipment each made from 0.5 million rupees and 829,400 hospitals with adept medical surgeons can be opened. If from one primary health center even if 500 people get good medical treatment then from the total number of primary health clinics opened 283,600,000 people can benefit from medical treatment given there. If wealth used for weapon building is instead diverted for making arrangements for food distribution in the world, then about 34,300 people can be given food every year per individual for 1200 rupees.

The immediate needs of basic human living are food, health and education. If step by step the amount used for weapon production per year is diverted to solve each world problem in a well managed manner then by and by in a few years the world can gain victory over problems faced in the arena of food, education and health. In the 2nd phase for the all round advancement of the human race other programs can be taken up.

But all this is possible only when a wholesome intellect advances in world humans because with a tainted intellect we can stare gloomily at a downfall only. It is being seen that man’s legs are heading towards destruction. Even from the past incidents of destruction/downfall humans refuse to learn a lesson and realize deeply how much wealth and human lives have been lost. It is inferred that on 9th March 1945 when USA dropped an explosive material of 2000 ton from a 276 B-29 plane on Tokyo 186,000 Japanese were killed and the city’s 158 square miles area burnt to ashes and along with this 14 aircrafts were destroyed totally.

On 6th August 1945 this very B-29 air plane dropped the first hydrogen bomb on Hiroshima and after 3 days it dropped and 2nd atom bomb on Nagasaki.

As a result of these 2 bomb explosions about 200,000 people died. In fact till today people are yet enduring the malefic radioactive effects of these terrible bomb explosions.

If these powerful personalities involved in sending scores of people into the jaws of death had instead used their skills in the field of education, agriculture, gardening, sculpting, acting etc they could have aided great world human progress. But what can we say about demons inebriated by war frenzy? They are only immersed in arrogantly sitting on the heads of those people who steer the ship called this world and thus inflict untold wealth and human loss the world over.

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