We are at a very critical time in our evolution as human beings. Almost every person on the planet who has spent at
least some time studying our own potential can agree with that. We are less than one year away from the New Millennium. It is truly an excited time to be alive, and yet at the same time, an awareness of what is happening can leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed. Never before in our history has their been so much opportunity, so many discoveries, and so many people committing their lives to 'forward thinking'.

You've got to stop and ask yourself,why? What is the cause behind all that is happening? We are seeing an emergence
of people thinking 'out of the box', not settling for past routines or rituals. More and more people are making their life's work out of developing the potential of the human spirit. Again, we must ask ourselves, why is this so? Is it because some individuals who have developed a 'slick stage presence' are able to make a quick buck from people who are searching for answers? That may have been possible 10 years ago, but not now, not today. We are far too educated as consumers to fall for the same old cons and con men. We have developed a keen ability to distinguish between someone who is motivated by what is going into their pocket, as opposed to what is genuinely coming from their heart.

As a group, our human species is not satisfied to settle for the 'way things were.' We have a constant thirst for information, answers, and applications that will help us understand the greatest discovery of the 20th Century - The power of our own Mind. We are not only on a quest for this knowledge, but once acquired, we find that we have a need and burning desire to share our newfound knowledge with others. This has caused an incredible movement of like-minded individuals from all over the world towards a common ground; a common language if you will, one of unlimited possibilities.

Unlike major movements of the past, this movement won't necessarily take place in the form of a march, or event, or activity. What is happening is a shift in consciousness. A shift from limitation to abundance; a shift from thinking based on past experience to one based on future possibility; a shift from materialistic to humanistic; a shift from being creatures of our circumstance to being creators of our circumstance.

In my opinion, this isn't a shift that can be taken lightly…it is a necessity. With the pace of change quickening day by day, it will be more and more difficult for people today to cope with these changes using past or even current methods of thinking. Where we will find ourselves in the next 5-10 years will be similar to how an individual of the late 1800's would find themselves today. It would be very likely that it would be next to impossible to function, let alone excel and prosper. We require a new understanding of our self, our world, and our relationship to our surroundings. We have gone from thinking the world was flat to most people understanding that we do actually, minute by minute, create our own realities. We have come a long way, and yet we have such a long way to come.

One such Company who is leading the way in this 'Human Potential Movement' is Delfin International. Delfin was formed in October 1995 and is owned by entrepreneur, author, and public speaker Mr. Leslie Fieger. Delfin has developed an entire curriculum of courses and seminars designed to empower any individual to take active control of their own circumstances and develop for themselves the kind of life they desire. Delfin's mission statement of "Transforming the Way the World Thinks, One Person, and One Mind at a Time, Starting with You," is a grand one indeed.

Is Delfin a company at the right place at the right time developed to fill a need in a niche market? Or are they a company here to serve us, quite possibly, when we need it the most? For thousands around the world, the Delfin courses have provided them with many of the answers, and have helped them develop a new sense of purpose and passion about life.

We are indeed at a critical point in our evolution. This is an inarguable fact. The choice isn't whether or not you agree, it's what you will choose to do about it.

Author's Bio: 

Keith O'Brien

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Self Empowerment Coach and Trainer


Keith O'Brien is one of the younger Coaches in today's arena. At 27, Keith has owned and operated his own business for most of his working life, and has been dedicated to his own
personal journey since the age of 16. He has played an instrumental role in helping thousands of people world wide to actualize their true potential.

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