When asked what are today’s most fashion elements, if you cannot tell the word “polymer clay” after much thinking, then it means that you may be a men out of fashion now. That is not all nonsense! If you keep an eye on the ladykins around you, then you will realize that more and more ladies have listed the polymer clay accessories as their new favorites, no matter the necklace, bracelet, earring, brooch, hairpin, etc. The bright and shining color collocation, soft luster assemble with various shapes, all these factors make them the undisputed ornaments in this season, especially the dangling polymer clay earrings.
In general, the polymer clay is really a fun and magic materials for DIY projects. When compared with the tradition clay, it owns much incomparable advantages such as the vivid color. Even you stack multiple-color polymer clay up; the colors will not mix as well. This is main because that the polymer clay is a new material that contain no moisture. In addition, the polymer clay is a kind of polymeric clay. The property “thermoset” make it more convenient to design and baked.
The other typical advantage of polymer clay is that it is really easy to form various shapes. While DIY processes, the tools you need is a pair of ruler for measuring the property while mixing the clay materials; a nicking tool for cutting clay or carve up the patterns you needed on your items; a rolling pin for rubbing up the clay and at last a piece of bamboo stick for punching on the polymer beads you need. But if you are a professional polymer clay items producer, you may need another more tools like: clay sculpture or ukiran kulit for more mesquite items. At last, you can bake the semi-finished products with electric oven. Remember that avoid using the microwave oven.
Most of the polymer clay is not pure with one color. Thus, you need to learn some fundamental knowledge about the three-primary colors. After understanding all regular rules, you will find that in fact the color of polymer clay can also be various. But the processes for preparing for the colors you need may be a complex and demanding job. You need to rub the clay strips with different colors into skinny ones repeatedly and then wrap them up until get the even color you need.
Thus, the most factors that the cheap polymer clay items can be so popular among people are just from its changeable design, especially the flower polymer clay beads. The whole item is made of small pieces and each part is individual and owns its special form. Just because of this characteristic that can be boundless designed into every shape at will, the polymer clay beads are so common around the world.
The polymer clays beads may need to assemble with amount of findings for connection. Just string the polymer clay beads with thread then you will get the stylish necklace, bracelet and earrings. In addition, do not know how to start? Welcome to have a look at our blog! We have prepared a tutorial of a pair of earring made by the flower-shape polymer beads there!

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