When there is a need to test the scientific writing skills of the students, they are assigned to write process essays. It defines a scientific process in light of authentic facts and figures depicting the analytical ability of the students. Whatever the process essay topics are, it demands proper structure and method employment otherwise you might not get the desired grades in essay exams.

So, if you are also asked to write process analysis essay then you should go through the following sample process essay outline on the topic of “How to perform market research” that will surely help you come up with a good process essays.

Step # 1: Thesis statement

The thesis statement of a process essay is quite difficult from the rest of the essay’s thesis statement; here you would be telling the reader about the steps involved in conducting the market research. A sample thesis statement could be something like this:

“Stating and describing the core of the problem, crafting a research design, sampling, collecting the data and doing the analysis and defining the final outcome are the six steps utilized in the market research”

Step # 2: How to write the body?

Six steps employed in market research

The six steps that you illustrated in the thesis statement will be further discussed in the body of the process essay, it is better that you divide and discuss each problem in a separate paragraph.

Paragraph # 1:

This would be the problem identification paragraph and as it is the first paragraph then it should have a good opening, for example you can start it with a famous quote, “A problem well stated is a problem half solved” which could be followed by the importance of the problem identification.

Paragraph # 2:

Here, you would be telling how to create a research design as it helps in jotting the outline for further research work. You can also call it a methodology that will help in conducting the research work. Don’t forget to mention the importance of it in detail.

Paragraph # 3:

Sampling would be discussed after the research design where you would be telling the importance of sampling in the market research.

Paragraph # 4:

Now, it’s time to tell how to collect the relevant data, define various data types that are collected which also include primary and secondary data.

Paragraph # 5:

You will tell the readers various ways of mentioning the result, tell the readers what are the chances of getting the desired result in market research?

Step # 3: How to write the conclusion

Summarize all the key points that you discussed throughout the essay which will also include the six steps mentioned, also you would be restating the thesis statement.

Hence, you are now done with the sample process essay, go through it and see how much it helps in you in developing your assignment. Final words of advice are not to copy the entire essay, rather get some help in generating ideas for writing process essay.

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