Fix your painful sneakers and learn how to apply some tricks to make your sneakers more comfortable to walk on without any blisters.
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You may have some of your favorite sneakers that are painful to wear. It may look great when you wear it but inside you may feel all the sore, arching, and experience lots of blisters afterward. There are several ways to help you solve this problem. If you keep forcing yourself to wear your painful sneakers in a daily activity you can damage your feet in the future. You do not have to risk your health by wearing them. Bear in mind that some just simply have some bad structure that is impossible to fix completely. Also, some expensive and high-quality sneakers may still hurt your feet too. You can practice some of these tips and see how it can improve your experience with painful sneakers. A smart way is you can browse where can I buy no tie shoelaces for a simple way to get on your sneakers faster and make them comfortable.

Use Insole and Extra Padding

You can prevent any blisters and cut by putting some extra accessories into your sneakers. You can buy moleskin, insole, or some extra padding in your sneakers. It will give you extra support and comfort rather than just sticking your feet directly into your sneakers. You can customize the shape of moleskin by cutting some specified area which needs extra support. Pick an insole or padding that is made from silicone. It will give you a squishy and comfortable feeling when you wear it. You might notice some authentic leather sneakers are very stiff. When you give the soft insole and padding inside it will help your feet to walk easier. In case you still have existing blisters it will be better if you get some treatment and medication first before trying to give your painful sneakers another chance.

Your skin is very sensitive and it can easily get worse if you force it. Another trick especially when you are using high heels is by putting pads in the front area of your sneakers. It will protect your toes and give them extra support to hold your weight when you are walking.

Ease the Pain with Home Remedies

Give your feet and sneakers extra care by using an odor spray. It will not only give a refreshing smell but also give a layer of moisture that will support your feet inside the sneakers. You can exfoliate and apply some moisturizers to your feet first when you getting ready. Use your most comfortable socks to avoid any scratches and chaffing. There are many types of socks in the market nowadays. If you want to hide your socks choose low cut ankle socks that will be invisible from the outside. You can stay comfortable and protected without hurting your feet all the time.

Stretch Out Your Sneakers

At home, you can use a hair dryer to heat up your sneakers and loosen it up a bit. You can also stretch out your sneakers by using a stretcher. It is a common tool that most stores have to keep their collection in perfect condition. This method will work on sneakers made of leather and suede materials.

You cannot apply this for sneakers that are made from rubber and plastic. Keep in mind that there is a chance for you to break some stitches or glue if you stretch out too much. This is why trying your sneakers directly is very important before buying it.

Many brands have different measurements and you cannot apply your regular size for every category. For better help, you can ask a professional cobbler to do the job. Technically they know how to fix and help you. You can ask their opinion and tell them what is your concern. They even can help you to trim down the sneakers’ heels if you feel there is a need to cut it down a bit. Altering your heels for 1-2cm will make such a huge impact on your comfort and posture. You can walk comfortably and avoid any back pain. You can minimize the chance to get blisters around your ankle and toes. You can also look for where can I buy no tie shoelaces to make wearing your sneakers easy.

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