Bridgemere Garden Centre was first established in 1960 as a smallish rose nursery owned by John and Elizabeth Ravenscroft. Over the many years it has elevated in size to grow to be the largest garden centre within the UK and perhaps even the world. It had been bought by Wyevale (now the Garden Centre Group) in 2006. As well as a garden centre they may be also a correct nursery rising several of their very own plants and supplying them to your horticultural trade.

The Outside Area At Bridgemere Garden Centre

You will discover a couple of entrances to your plants area depending on how you approach it. However, the initial impression is one of vast size. Plants as far as the eye can see. This vast decision of plants poses issues as far as displaying them is anxious. Bridgemere have selected the uncomplicated option of displaying the vast majority of plants to the floor, commonly present in European garden centres. Even though this could possibly not seem ideally suited on first sight, it truly is a practical solution mainly because it permits shoppers to view much more of the plants.

Bridgemere Garden Centre is usually a very pleasant place to wander round if plants are your choice. Numerous in the plants are arranged in rows but you will discover several diversionary displays to provide plenty of attention.

Signs are also an issue within a garden centre of this size and no solution goes being good. Nevertheless, you'll find numerous signs, some to plant groupings and some to personal plant forms this sort of as roses. All in all they've done an excellent job at directing shoppers on the plants they can be interested in but you may count on to discover it challenging to find some plants plainly because of the vast size of this garden centre.

Paths are wide along with the bulk are reliable with quite several obstructions. The tender plants section, under cover, is normally positioned on the still left of your garden centre plants area. There are also other coated paths which supply some protection from rain.

The Garden Buildings Centre present displays of garden buildings at several of the greater garden centres but they've truly excelled themselves at Bridgemere Garden Centre and they also have an superb option of greenhouses. The range is substantial and they are really well displayed.

What ever time of year, the display gardens at Bridgemere Garden Centre is well price a go to. There are twenty well maintained gardens each and every having a certain theme. The many plants are labelled so if one will take your fancy you may obtain it with the garden centre. Pleasant just to wander round, great if that you are you trying to find ideas, tables and chairs are supplied when you fancy a picnic.

The Plants At Bridgemere Garden Centre

The plants will be the star of this garden centre. Nowhere within the UK will you uncover a greater selection of healthy specimens. They're fully backed by a well advertised five year hardy plants guarantee.

Compared to most other garden centres, Bridgemere specialise in each plant group. Nonetheless, the range of roses is spectacular, the range of bigger plants is outstanding plus the choice of trees, both ornamental and fruit, top fruit is large.

The plants looked for being in excellent situation, weed free, well watered and in the correct pot sizes. If you will be considering cutting down your carbon footprint then you definately will be doing just that by getting your plants from Bridgemere garden centre - 65% of your plants they sell are grown on website, that's almost a million plants just about every year.

Sample prices contain roses beginning £8.99, clematis the identical, Bowyers 60 litre multi-function at £4.99 or 3 bags for £12, Yeoman economy spade / fork is £12.99 using the stainless metal version costing £22.99, 1 kg Miracle Gro 4.99

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