When you move past the hype of most self help programs you get to the core desire that everyone has. Everyone, regardless of present position, possessions or wealth, has the core desire that can be expressed as the following question; “how do I achieve the ideas that I conceive?” In short, how do I get from here to there and bring into reality the ideas that I have?
The secret to this process has been advertised in everything from religious programming to self help and personal development programs. There are thousands of printed books, eBooks, audios and video programs that claim to teach this very secret.

And yet, the secret itself has been taught for thousands of years. As a matter of fact, it really isn’t any secrete at all. You see it demonstrated each and every day all around you. Every animal in nature has the utmost faith in this secrete. In all of nature, mankind stands alone in expressing any doubt about its existence or its effectiveness and yet it is mankind that has demonstrated the greatest advancements and creative ideas based on it. Still haven’t guessed what it might be????
I think that of all of the explanations I have heard given about this secret, one of simplest and yet one of the most profound was offered By Andrew Carnegie to a young reporter, Napoleon Hill, whom he had just given the charge to interview the wealthiest and most influential people in America to learn their method of success.

It was Mr. Carnegie’s dream to leave everyone a clear and concise plan whereby they could use the power of their own thinking to attract to themselves the means by which they could bring themselves out of the darkness of ignorance and rise above poverty. The secret that he passed along to Napoleon Hill was summed up by this statement; “Anything that the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.”

Believe me when I tell you that phrase is so simple, a majority of people, looking for the secret, skim right over it and never pounder the real power in the statement. Let’s take a closer look at this profound statement that has become the cornerstone to every personal development and motivational program since Napoleon Hill introduced Think & Grow Rich.
Whatever the mind can conceive, that is any, ANY idea that you can imagine, and the conception of any idea is limited only by imagination. Any thought formed into a clear idea you can achieve. The key, the part that very few catch on to is the bridge between the thought and the reality of the thought.
To achieve you must first believe. Faith with emotion is the key to this formula. Faith with emotion is belief. When you create a clear picture of the goal you want and become emotionally invested in that goal is when you have established the belief in the goal. That is when you will achieve!

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Mark S, Kearns, MA, N.H.D. is an executive consultant and Life Success Coach. He writes a daily blog on personal development at http://www.yourinfintesuccess.com/wordpress. He is the author of a new eBook, Presence of Mind available at http://www.markkearns.com