Indian weddings are loaded with fun and memories. Wonderful decors, flavorful food, superb music, all these make a wedding service fun and happening. Yet, everyone has eyes are on the groom and bride as it is their wedding day. So, to look beautiful and stunning on her wedding day is the greatest dream of a bride. Aside from the wedding dress one most important thing which can't be neglected is the makeup of the bride. Good makeup can shine the beauty of a bride and will make her look like a fairy angel. So, it is important to Find Best Bridal Makeup artist in Lucknow who can transform you into an angel on your wedding day. One name that clicks to mind for this is Geetika Chakravarti - Makeup Artist who is best in this field. She has got a team of most hardworking and efficient makeup artists who provide best looks by enhancing the features of the person.

Today we will list out key trends for bridal makeup and beauty in 2019:

The Classic Lip:
The classic lip replaced by vibrant lip colors, from splendid reds to an entire universe of pinks. Getting the correct shade of pink can support your skin tone. Keep in mind, if you are considering a strong lip for your wedding day, then the right shade of pink will always feel fresh and modern matched with glowing skin.

Smokey Eyes:
Another hot pattern for bridal make up in 2019 is Smokey Eyes as they are so adaptable. The way to wearing a Smokey eye for your big day is to pick any shading other than dark shading. A smokey eye shouldn't have any brutal lines; it should be delicately mixed at the edges. Delicately utilizing a Q-tip or a smudger brush, softly mix the shadow into the wrinkle of your eye.

Naturally Groomed Brows:
Naturally groomed and softer brows are hot trending patterns for a bride in 2019. Brides are choosing for fewer complexes instead of more intense HD brow treatments. Threading is getting a lot of popularity within the brides as it leaves a cleaner finish and won't pull that sensitive skin around your brown area.

Monochromatic Makeup:
As the name suggests, it is the fun way that coordinates with makeup with the outfits. It is easy to get a monochromatic makeup look by applying a single color or colors that are like the same shade to your eyes, lips, and cheeks. Simply make pairs or trios of the same color range.

Soft and Dewy Makeup:
This trend inspiration has come from the Korean beauty trend, known as “glass skin”. As compared to some other beauty trends, this makeup trend appears softer & flattening. In words to say, natural n dewy makeup comes from self-care.

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