If you are a sports and fitness enthusiast then your performance can be improved with some simple yet effective breathing exercises. These breathing exercises can help concentration during any physical activity.
Competitive sports at every level come with an element of stress for the competitor. The most common type of stress for competitors is hyperventilation before the start of the event. However, by employing some breathing exercises all of this stress can be avoided enabling the competitor to remain calm and focused.

Staying calm to build endurance

Doing some simple breathing exercises prior to any competition will help you immensely. These exercises will put more oxygen rich blood into the body and the muscles. However this needs to be regulated, as too much oxygen in the system will lead to hyperventilation. As an athlete competing at a competitive level it is important to use breathing techniques as part of training. This helps build endurance. By doing some deep breathing exercises you will increase metabolic efficiency, which will allow the body to burn more calories during fast paced exercise such as aerobic fitness, running and cycling. Adopting these breathing techniques help the body regulate and control breathing and also helps prevent nausea and dizziness. These techniques are recommended particularly for runners because they experience heart rate spike, over breathing and low endurance at the start of each race. Why does this happen? It happens because adrenaline is taking over and telling the body to be prepared for a stressful condition. Although adrenaline can be helpful at times it needs to be controlled, and this can be accomplished by adopting some breathing exercises.

Types of breathing exercises

When taking part in any type of aerobic fitness training, a person should lower the intensity, or slow the pace to a point where they are able to breathe and be in control. In other words the intensity level should be high enough to require accelerated, heavy breathing and an increased heart rate but not so high that it goes out of control. Breathing in through the nose for a count of three then out through the mouth for a count of two is one of the most effective breathing exercises. If the athlete is a runner then improve running performance by matching these counts with their natural strides. However, if you are involved in any other type of sports training then it is imperative that you monitor and measure your breathing to a tee.

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