We all want to feel comfortable in our bodies, and in our lives.

The simple act of breathing, or focused relaxation can have surprising physical and mental health benefits.

Research shows us that meditation or focused relaxation helps ward off disease by strengthening our immune systems, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels and stabilizing blood sugar.

Chronic pain can also be alleviated. Mental alertness is enhanced and our sense of well being deepens.

While many of us may meditate and or take yoga classes in our spare time, why is it so difficult to remember the benefits of this simple act of self-care during our busy day?

Breathing is something our miraculous bodies do automatically. In order to make it a more conscious, helpful act we must focus our attention internally, breathing in several times very deeply, closing our eyes and centering our bodies.

In our highly externalized workaholic American culture this can be perceived as very challenging.

In corporate as well as non-profit environments no one wants to be evaluated as lazy or wasting time.

Taking a moment or several for one’s self in ways that don’t involve addictive substances like caffeine and sugar or all our techno “gadgets” very well may constitute a subversive act.

The energy generated from groups of people breathing together this way maybe one of the ways to quietly revolutionize our workplaces.

I say go for it!

Author's Bio: 

Mary Fitzpatrick, LCSW-R, CHT, is a licensed Psychotherapist, certified Hypnotherapist, Public Speaker, Astrologer and Writer. Mary is an expert Relationship Coach, Money Mentor and Psychological Astrologer

Mary brings 35 years of intuition, wisdom , wit and skill to all her work. Since 1994, she is the Founder and CEO of Limitless Horizons, www.limitlesshorizons.org. a company dedicated to helping people live authentic, joyous and prosperous lives.