The healing benefits of regular sauna use are widely known and have been enjoyed for centuries. Whether wet or dry, the high heat of a sauna is the main factor in many health effects. While in the sauna, as the body heats up and begins to sweat, toxins are released. The pores are cleansed and the skin looks lighter, brighter and healthier.

Saunas also contribute to mental and emotional well being. The simple act of taking a break from one's routine can go a long way in improving mood and focus. The heat of the sauna has an immediate relaxing effect. People who use a sauna regularly report lower stress levels and increased production of serotonin, the body's "feel good" chemical.

Regular use of a sauna can also contribute to weight loss. While most of the weight lost is water weight from sweating, the high heat of a sauna does increase the body's metabolism. It has been estimated that it is possible to burn 300 calories or more in a typical sauna session.

While traditional saunas have involved the heating up of rocks or stones within a small room, in our modern world the sauna infrared is available. Instead of heated stones, this modern sauna instead uses hi-tech infrared heaters. This sort of heat differs from the organic heat of traditional saunas in that the heat from an infrared sauna radiates into the body and does not emanate from the air around the body as in old-school saunas.

The main advantage of an infrared sauna is that the heat is easier to tolerate. Unlike traditional saunas, the heat in an infrared sauna is absorbed by the user, while the air around the user always stays a more tolerable temperature. Some people have trouble breathing comfortably in traditional humid saunas; the infrared sauna can be the perfect alternative solution for these people.

The cost of infrared saunas has come down considerably in recent years, making them a worthwhile investment in one's well being and holistic health.

Breathe Easier in an Infrared Sauna

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