There is so much misinformation about the dangers and prevalence of breast cancer highlighted by the media that the prevention of the disease is still buried in myth. Look at what really helps to keep your breast healthy. Dr. Tanya Selli wrote in an article “What’s best for your breasts” that I found very interesting and have adapted the information to highlight her findings. The article is presented in two segments:

1. “Prevention of breast disease is steeped in myth” is the first segment discussion on bra wearing vs. no bra wearing and the myths

2. Healthy Eating, lifestyle adjustment, and Breast health Protocols - segment 2

Segment 1

Women around the world are concerned about the health of their breast. This is warranted, because fibrocystic breast disease (FBD) can cause lumpy, painful and uncomfortable breasts, while breast cancer may facilitate dis-forming surgery, and numerous deaths each year. However, breast disease need not be left to fate or genetics alone. There are things we can do to protect ourselves or at least improve the outcome if you are at high risk of developing breast disease.

What are some questions women asked about breast protection? One of the questions frequently asked is about wearing a bra versus not wearing a bra can cause cancer. Let’s examine:

Wearing a Bra

It is mentioned that possibly the constant pressure that an ill-fitting bra puts on the breast may block the lymphatic vessels and impede the flow of lymph, the fluid that transport immune cells and remove toxic waste from the body. More research is needed in this area. But some doctors and researchers are of the opinion that blocked lymphatic vessels will allow waste products and toxins to build up.

In this scenario, breast cells may become damaged and cause fibrocystic breast disease (FBD) or cancer. Remember this link has not been conclusively proven yet as there are few studies on bra wearing and breast cancer, the results of existing research are troubling.

“In the book Dressed to Kill: the link between Breast Cancer and Bras, one of the studies suggests the link between bras and breast cancer is about three times stronger than the link between cigarette smoking and breast cancer.” This was the largest study that was ever done on bra wearing and cancer.

This study looked at 4,700 women and found that those women who wore a bra all day – 24 hours had a cancer rate 125 times higher than women who didn’t wear a bra at all.

Women who wore bras for over 12 hours per day, but did not sleep in them were 21 times more likely to develop breast cancer than women who removed their bras within 12 hours. The researchers also found that around 90% of women with FBD improved when they stopped wearing bras. Another study, published in the European Journal of Cancer, found that premenopausal women who did not wear bras carried half the risk of breast cancer compared with bra wearers.

This is not to say that breast cancer and FBD will be totally eliminated if women stopped wearing bras. The evidence for a link between bras and breast disease is certainly strong enough to justify more research. At the same time, have your bras properly fitted in order to avoid some of the improper drainage issues. Try wearing less constricting bras, particularly those with under-wires, as those are constrictive and when possible avoid wearing a bra.

Let us examine the Myth: “No Bra Means Saggy Boobs”

Medical research shows that weight bearing and movements is necessary for the maintenance of the ligaments responsible for supporting and giving shape to the breasts. However, in contrast, jogging without a bra can cause the ligaments that support the breast to stretch, causing sagging. So when you are running or doing any other form of active sports, it is best to wear a sport bra.

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