Breast cancer occurrence in men is a rare condition, but it is possible that men get affect with this type of cancer. It is seen that breast cancer in men generally affects older men and young men are at negligible risk of this disease. Peak age for developing breast cancer is after 70 years of age, whereas it is fifties in women.

Risk Factors for Breast Cancer in Men

There are few risk factors, which could increase risk of breast cancer in men. They are as follows-

•Obese or heavy weight male are at higher risk of developing breast cancer in old age.
•Regular and high consumption of alcohol increases risk of breast cancer in men.
•Men suffering from liver damage or dysfunction are more prone to this disease.
•Men suffering from testicular abnormality or damage are also likely to develop this disease.
•Men who have been exposed to Radiation therapy on around the chest are at elevated risk of developing breast cancer.
•Men, who have family history of breast cancer, especially with a BRCA2 mutation type breast cancer have high risk of developing this disease.
•Another risk factor for breast cancer in men is Klinefelter’s Syndrome.
Symptoms of Breast cancer in Men

Symptoms of breast cancer in men are nearly similar to symptoms of breast cancer in women. Some of the symptoms of breast cancer in men are listed below.

•A lump in the breast without any pain
•Retraction of nipple
•Any type of discharge from nipples
•Ulceration of nipples or other parts of breast
•Painful lump in the breast
•Paget’s Disease or a rare type of skin rash around the nipple.
Diagnosis of Breast Cancer in Men

Breast cancer in men is a rare type of disease thus its diagnosis is generally delayed. There is also lack of awareness in men about this rare disease. Men tend to think that it is women thing and men can never get affect by this disease. Thus, they rarely suspect this disease, even when symptoms show up. This disease in men can be categorised in four stages. Male breast has mostly fat tissues and lobules are undeveloped. Most of the breast cancers in men are invasive ductal carcinoma and are ER positive.


There are many treatment options available for treatment of breast cancer in men. Some of them are discussed below.

Surgery is used to remove the lumps or tumors from breast as a treatment option. In early stages of the disease radical mastectomy and surgical assessment of the lymph nodes are used. Whether cancer is reached to lymph nodes can be detected by sentinel lymph node biopsy or axillary dissection.

Radiation Therapy
Breast cancer in men is generally diagnosed in later stages, thus radiation therapy is widely used as a treatment option. It has proved effective in preventing local recurrence of this disease in men.

Systemic Therapy
Most of the breast cancer in men is hormone receptor positive (HR+). Thus, hormone therapy is one of the most acceptable treatment options for treating breast cancer in men. Patients may also be given systemic chemotherapy.

There is large amount of information and support available for women suffering from breast cancer. On the other hand there is lack of information and awareness as far as breast cancer in men, is concerned. It adds to stress and stigma of men suffering from this disease. But with proper treatment and awareness, it is possible to recover from this disease.

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