Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that women elect to have when they’d like to increase the size of their breasts. Whether a woman naturally has petite breasts and would like to increase her breast size or she feels a decrease in her confidence because childbirth deflated her breasts — all women want to feel confident about their breasts. Breast augmentation allows a licensed professional to ensure that every patient’s breasts are tailored exactly how the patient prefers. Women often opt to get this treatment when they feel that they’d like the size of their breasts to increase, they want rounder breasts, or if they’d want to improve their body’s symmetry.

This procedure will increase the size of your breasts through either gel implants or a fat transfer. The surgery only lasts around one to two hours and patients are usually released on the same day. Potential patients also need to be aware that this procedure requires patience — the recovery process can take up to six months. Luckily, patients can return to normal activities after a few weeks. The first few weeks of the recovery process aren’t necessarily difficult, but you may feel some mild discomfort as your breasts and body adjust to their new normal. The final results will come around three to six months after the procedure.

The post-op for a breast augmentation can be frustrating for some as they wait for the results, but patients are always happy when their new and improved breasts have fully healed. Breast augmentation results are completely transformative, but women should be aware that gel implants only last for about a decade before needing to be replaced. This procedure is very popular because it increases womens’ confidence — women are able to craft the appearance of their breasts however they'd like.

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