It takes courage and a constant action to break the habit of co-dependency that once may have been your normal way of behaving with your child.

Becoming conscious of your role

The way you have been going about your life may not have show you that you have created a co-dependency with your child until you notice or other family members brought it to your attention your child has difficult in making a decision on their own.

Wanting the best

You may want the best for your child and the way you are going about it may not be the right way.

Your child may feel that no matter what they do it will never be enough in your eyes.

You may have felt that you have suffered a lot when you were small and you decide that you will not put your child through what you went through so you went the opposite and give them all what they wanted without any consequences to the act.

Cannot function

When your child cannot function and feel that every move they make will not be accepted unless they have your approval then you are sabotaging then for life.

You create a child that is dependent on what you say and do, and they depend on your approval before they can take any action for their life is that what you set out to do when you have your child become dependent on you?

You may not intentionally set out to have your child become dependent on you yet this is what you create by over protecting them.

Lost self respect

Your children may not have respect for you because you did not demand or show them respect at an early age and it is difficult for you and them to start doing this.

Bringing the past with you

Your role as a parent is not always clear cut as you would like it to be because you have many influences from the outside and from the difficulties that you may have gone through as a child that maybe you have not at all resolved.

As you begin to raise your child you may do things similar to what you receive when you were growing up as a way to be from your parents and you may not have question whether you are agree with it or not.


If you find yourself criticizing your child with everything they do you are crippling them from becoming who they are meant to be because it does not fit with your approval.

Making a difference

Co-dependency is created when you over step your boundaries and have your child become so dependent on you that they have difficulty in functioning easily in society when they grow up.

With co-dependent relationship the moment the parent break the pattern within they will feel a sense of emptiness and this will force them to focus on themselves.

You can make a difference when you teach and take action consistently to respect your boundaries with your child because it helps them learn about their boundaries.

Conclusion: Breaking the habit of enabling your child with co dependency demands that you are conscious of your attitude and actions each day until it becomes a new habit that is healthier for your child.

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