I am sharing an article with important message from Russia to the Global Community and WHO: The number of healthy people is growing rapidly around the world:

Thousands of such people were discovered in China, as well as in Italy, Russia, Ukraine! The health virus also crossed the Atlantic and began to infect America, both North and South!

The people infected with a health virus are extremely dangerous! They don’t buy medicine at pharmacies, don’t go to hospitals, don’t talk about illnesses, play sports, eat healthy food, don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t use drugs! They smile and they almost all the time have a good mood!

The authorities are in panic! Urgent measures are being taken to protect society from such infected people! In state-controlled media, information about the extreme danger of the health virus is being inflated, vaccines for such a virus are being purchased in large quantities! On TV, the maximum amount of time is devoted to diseases, pills and information that a person cannot be healthy, especially, self-sufficiently!

Here is an instruction: how to protect yourself from a health virus:
If, God forbid, a healthy person involved in sports cross your path, do the following:

1. Recall that this person is infected with a severe form of the health virus, and if he/she also smiles, then the disease has already turned into an acute form.

2. Urgently take the following measures to protect yourself from possible infection:

- Be sure to get scared. The stronger the fear, the better for you, and worse for the health virus...

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