Over 40 million adults suffer from anxiety disorders, making it the most commonly diagnosed mental health disorder in the US. Unfortunately, due to the stigma and judgment associated with mental health, many people avoid seeking treatment for anxiety. Additionally, the potential lifestyle changes following the diagnosis may deter individuals from seeking much-needed assistance.

Stephanie Gilbert, a well-known marriage and family therapist, uses her voice to dispel the fear of judgment. With her deep understanding of psychotherapy and its many benefits, she encourages people to choose this path toward a happy and healthy life.

In contrast to most therapists, Stephanie chooses to open up about her struggles with OCD and an eating disorder in order to connect with her patients. She shares her personal journey to recovery as an example to encourage people to discuss their mental health problems freely. 

As an expert licensed telehealth psychotherapist in California and Florida, Stephanie has immense experience using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). She earned her credits from the Beck Institute in Philadelphia, run by the daughter of renowned American psychiatrist Aaron Beck. 

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CBT is a well-researched therapy that aligns with the human mind and behavior while processing information. It is a short-term therapy that focuses on improving the present life instead of discussing the past. It is used for curing various mental health conditions and challenges, including depression, addiction, eating disorders, and anxiety

Knowing the importance of CBT, Stephanie believes it should be taught to everyone so they can take charge of their mental health. She encourages people to identify their mental dissonance in order to become their own therapists. Stephanie shares, ‘CBT can help with communication tools, emotion regulation, understanding why someone does what they do and finding ways to change behaviors, examining negative thoughts, and cognitive reframing.’  

 As a passionate professional, Stephanie introduces new ways to improve therapy consultations and make them more convenient for her patients. Some of these include practicing telehealth and providing an option to have therapy in different languages at her private practice. She also offers a complimentary fifteen-minute consultation to the patients to familiarize them with the benefits of psychotherapy. Visiting a therapist can help you overcome your past and give you a clear mindset for the future. Knowing the secret code to mental wellness, Stephanie wants to help the world reach contentment and joy. 

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