For Breakfast, Choose:

o Fresh fruit and or juice
o Hot cereal such at Oatmeal Or any 100% whole grain
o Cold Cereal 100% whole grain with skim Milk or Soy
o 100% whole grain bread. Specify (dry) (use preserves, jelly or honey
o Whole grain English muffins or bagels instead of croissants or biscuits
o Canadian bacon or lean ham (2-3 grams of fat) is a much leaner choice than sausage, (32 grams of per 4 links). If you have to have bacon, keep it at 2 slices (5 grams of fat).
o Pancakes, (no butter), with syrup or fruit (ask to have butter on side)
o Healthy favorites: Egg beaters (or egg whites if they don’t have egg beaters) vegetarian omelet, without cheese, dry, whole-wheat toast and fruit. You may have hash brown if you are exercising that day. (11 grams of fat) eat only half of hash browns (5grams)

Soups & Salad Bar

• Choose broth-based vegetables soups, or bean soups

• Go for the green leafy vegetables like romaine and spinach

• Pile high with lots of vegetable toppings instead of just a few

• Choose chick - peas, 3 bean salad, kidney beans, navy beans, Edamame (soy beans)

• Choose low-fat or fat free dressing, or scoop regular dressing on to a side plate for the fork dipping technique.

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