Is hunched over a computer in a cubicle for 40 hours a week really where you want to be working, when you could be living and making money anywhere in the world, including from home?

Where would you live and work if you could choose anywhere in the world?

We all have passions, hobbies, skills, and experience that will allow us to work from anywhere we want, whenever we want — if we take advantage of them. So, what are you passionate about? What are you good at? Can it be turned into a revenue stream for you?

Yes, it can, whether you like scrap-booking, deep sea diving, nifty new gadgets, lawn care or landscaping, becoming a better parent, personal development, financial planning, or hiking in national parks. Whatever you like or love is something you can spend more time doing.

The Internet empowers you to make money from anywhere in the world, or from your home.
You have to quit holding yourself back though. Remember these important points:

You ARE an expert in something. People will listen to you — Doubting your qualifications, the value of your ideas, or level of your expertise is common — so common that it keeps thousands of people paralyzed in dead-end jobs. If you can move past this one obstacle, you’ll be far ahead of the pack in terms of what you can achieve.

You do have the money to start a business — With millions of customers surfing the Internet and buying and downloading information at the click of a mouse, the landscape has changed. The Internet is a viable — and cheap — storefront. You need very little investment to get started.

You do have time to start a business — If you want to start a new business, you’ll need to invest time. At a minimum I suggest seven hours a week, or one hour a night. That won’t threaten your day job or require you to quit.

You don’t need business and technical skills — I’ll bet that you already have at least 50 percent of the computer skills you’ll need to run a successful Internet business — including the ability to start up and shut down a computer, send and receive email and attachments, and conduct searches using Google. There are many free and public resources that will help you beef up your computer expertise. And if it’s really not your scene, you can partner with someone who does have those skills.

We’ll never be able to change how many hours are in a day, how many days are in a week, and how many weeks are in a year. But we do have the ability to determine how and where we spend that time. You have everything at your disposal to turn your passions, hobbies, skills, and experience into a location freeing revenue stream. You can work from home or Hawaii, or even a tree house in Thailand. You just have to create it.

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International speaker, standup comedian and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) David Wood is the author of Get Paid for Who You Are and co-author of the best-selling book Guerilla Marketing on the Front Lines. His tried and true methods for freeing oneself from the shackles of the timecard have been the inspiration for many people to gain a lifestyle of freedom and contribution. Learn more at: