“A desire can overcome all objections and obstacles.” -Anonymous

You’ll always get objections. Let’s face it. You may have the world’s best service, the best product available in your category or industry, but no matter what you do, no matter how good you are, you’re always going to have to deal with objections.

What’s the nature of objections, anyway? I believe most people simply have limiting beliefs of some sort; old conditioning that often keeps them from succeeding. It may be fear of failure, fear of success, fear of being ripped off, fear of overwhelm, etc. Problem is that these objections keep them from finding the solutions that solve their most pressing problems. Their self-doubt gets in the way of their success.

Objections are actually a good sign that you’re close to the sale. I didn’t believe this at first, but over the years of talking to prospects and having to answer their questions (i.e., objections), I see how true this is today. Here’s why. If someone were completely NOT interested in what you have to offer, they wouldn’t even BE on your website, much less talking to you. They wouldn’t waste their time.

If they’re asking you questions and offering up objections, there’s a large part of them that’s interested. And that means, all you have to do is answer the questions, reassure them, and you’re on your way to a sale. Better yet, by hiring you, the prospect is FINALLY on their way to a solution that’s probably been plaguing them for a long time.

Objections are a way for the prospect to acknowledge the self-doubt or limiting beliefs that stop them in their tracks. It’s actually YOUR job to help get them out of their own way so they can experience success. You do this by ANTICIPATING and then BREAKING DOWN the objections.

Knowing the 5 most common objections people have allows you to be prepared when they come up. You’ll certainly have more (dozens and dozens more, trust me) but it’s key to start with at least the ones that come up most often. These are the predictable ones, not in any particular order:

1. It costs too much.
2. It won’t work.
3. I’m different; it won’t work for me.
4. I can wait; my situation’s not that bad.
5. It’s going to be hard.

Chances are, you’ve thought about these too when someone tried to sell you a service or a product before. But think about it. Each time you HAVE purchased the service or product and gotten great results, you kick yourself for not doing it sooner!

Since you’re not in the business of selling, but rather, problem solving, it’s your DUTY to break down these objections so a prospect doesn’t wait a minute longer to work with you, so not too much time passes that they’ll regret being without your solution to their problem. As a problem solver, it’s your most important task. Makes sense?

Your Client Attraction Assignment

1. Go back through your notes and list the objections people have given you in the past. Note the ones that come up most often.
2. Create a short rationale paragraph for why each objection is not valid or any other ways to overcome these objections.
3. Practice saying these out loud so you come off confident next time you talk to a prospect with objections. (Feel free to even keep that script near your phone if talking to a prospect.)
4. Sprinkle your marketing materials with these rationales, as I do on my Interview With Fabienne.

Do this and I guarantee you will attract more clients and make a lot more this year.

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