What we buy today makes us happy and our day a little merrier.

We go on from buying our groceries to high-end luxurious products. But have you ever wondered what goes behind all these brands and their mass-produced products?

Rather, have you ever wondered how it is to live without plastic? Or what kind of a world it will be once we stop using it for once and all? So here today, we are going to speak about a few of those clean beauty brands who have taken their initial steps towards sustainable packaging and are doing their bit for the survival of our planet.

There is no question as to why everyone is always talking about ‘supporting green’ in today’s world. Because of the pace that we are at, this world needs more repairing of natural resources than anything else. 14% of the plastic packaging used globally makes its way to recycling plants, and only 9% is actually recycled – while a third is left in fragile ecosystems, and 40% ends up in landfills. And that alone can kill our environment more than any of us can imagine.

Few of the brands with Vanity Wagon that support green and sustainable packaging are :

1. Arata (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/arata)

Personal care for you that offers trustworthy and credible products, curated with quality, chemical-free ingredients, and biodegradable elements.

2. Arganic (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/arganic)

Brand Arganic by Aryanveda delivers ideally formulated skin, hair, and body care herbal products that are produced with fine blends of ayurvedic science & new age cosmetic inventions in skin-safe herbal cosmetic products.

3. Auli (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/auli)

Auli an Organic skincare range that comes with various health benefits. They give you a lifestyle change that is cruelty-free and environmentally friendly.

4. Baene (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/baene)

A luxury bathing and hygiene expert brand that is formulated for specific targeting of your skin’s needs and desires rich in minerals and essential oils that are extracted naturally for you!.

5. BareAir (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/bareair)

BareAir is an environmental solution for your skin and hair that fights against today’s pollution and other problems and gives your skin back its health and shine.

6. Bare Necessities (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/bare-necessities)

Bringing you sustainable, earth-friendly personal care products and creating a hub for awareness on waste-free living.

7. Bath Candy Co. (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/bath-candy-co)

Aromatherapy solutions for our modern-day ailments combined with the purest and natural form of essential oils minus the harmful synthetic additives, chemicals and preservatives.

8. Bhumih Ayurveda (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/bhumih-ayurveda)

A luxurious skincare range based on the principles of Ayurveda. Made with all-natural and synthetic-free ingredients that give you pure perfection.

9. Biotique (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/biotique)

Naturally-derived Ayurvedic beauty and skincare products that cater to the needs of customers who seek natural beauty products that are as effective as they are environmentally responsible.

10. Brekkie (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/brekkie)

India's #1 hunger smart drink. Low in sugar and calories but high in prebiotic fibre, vitamins and proteins. Want to have protein and fibre rich breakfast? Sip on Brekkie!

11. Carmesi (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/carmesi)

Providing menstrual hygiene products and transforming the experience of using them is the main objective of Carmesi. They offer biodegradable sanitary pads & panty liners, made with completely natural materials.

12. Cher Amour (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/cher-amour)

The products by Cher Amour come with a promise that clean beauty isn't complicated but rather consciously effective. They stand for honesty in beauty.

13. Cinnamon Soul (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/cinnamon-soul)

The product offerings range from bath, body and wellness products, that are luxurious, sensorial and made from natural and plant-based ingredients, enhanced by only the purest of essential oils. Cinnamon Soul believes one need not choose between Luxury & Nature.

14. Clay (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/clay)

Bringing your the highest quality of toxin and cruelty-free products made with modern-day technology and purest form of nature's ingredients for your body and wellness.

15. Cocomo (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/cocomo)

A brand created by moms and cosmetologists has a range of cleansers and lotions, hand-crafted for kids. Their products are very nourishing for the child's health as well as full of natural fragrance.

16. Conscious Chemist (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/conscious-chemist)

A mixture of both natural and scientific formulas, Conscious Chemist as a brand has created a range of intelligent biocompatible skincare products that are formulated for clean, safe, and healthy skin in its finest form.

17. Disguise Cosmetics (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/disguise-cosmetics)

Cruelty-free and vegan brand, Disguise Cosmetics has been a revelation in the beauty world where every day we need something natural yet effective in our makeup range which does not harm us or the environment.

18. Dot & Key (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/dot-and-key)

Skincare that’s absolutely safe, delightfully gentle and unquestionably effective, made with ethically sourced, toxin-free ingredients.

19. Dromen & Co (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/dromen-co)

Dromen & Co. is a clean beauty line that is made to fit our demanding lifestyles while giving a healthy-looking skin. Made with ingredients that provide utmost care to the skin with a hint of radiance and nourishment.

20. Dr Sheth's (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/dr-sheths)

Products from Dr Sheth's are naturally inspired, medically created and scientifically validated. With respect for the environment and in line with this principle, all the products are vegan, cruelty-free, toxin-free and wherever possible, sustainably derived.

21. Earth Rhythm (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/earth-rhythm)

High quality and effective beauty and personal care products that are safe for you, your family and our earth.

22. Echt Beauti (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/echt-beauti)

India's very own natural cosmetics brand bringing the best of sustainable products to you.

23. ENN (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/enn)

Bringing you products that are safe, non-toxic, and highly effective. Created from 100% naturally sourced or wild-crafted ingredients & botanicals.

24. First Water (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/first-water)

All products created by First Water contain nothing but natural and non-harmful ingredients that only provide positive effects such as smoothness, glow, and a healthy look to your skin and hair.

25. Greenberry Organics (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/greenberry-organics)

Greenberry Organics is a brand with a purpose of providing trusted natural beauty solutions with ingredients that fulfil the demands of your body care every day.

26. Herbis Botanicals (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/herbis-botanicals)

Bringing you clean skincare facial oils formulated with powerful ingredients that are safe and gentle with proven skin renewing results.

27. House of Aroma (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/house-of-aroma)

Bringing you products that connect scents to emotions. 100% pure essential oils and natural scented candles to experience transformative well-being.

28. Ikkai (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/ikkai)

Face Masks by Ikkai Beauty add fun to your everyday skincare with their completely organic, safe, preservative-free, and never tested on animals kind of formulations.

29. Ilana Organics (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/ilana-organics)

A guilt-free skin and hair care line inspiring women to make an organic switch in their life. Ilana Organics is a blend of natural personal care and sustainable methods that only enhances your beauty and never diffuses it.

30. Imbue Natural (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/imbue-natural)

Keeping mother nature as the source of knowledge, Imbue Natural works to create products dictated entirely by nature with no artificial additions harming the body or health of their customers.

31. Indulgeo Essentials (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/indulgeo-essentials)

Indulgeo essentials offer Nature’s purest solutions with an exceptional combination of natural and toxin-free ingredients that work together to improve your skin’s health and much more with no or less effort.

32. Iremia (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/iremia)

A skincare collection that helps you benefit from the natural and organic feel of aromatic nature providing utmost positivity to you and your body.

33. Juicy Chemistry (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/juicy-chemistry)

Founded with the goal to curate products with the purest and the most nutrient-rich ingredients nature has to offer, Juicy Chemistry has made its way to be a well-known brand to deal with all your skin and hair care problems.

34. Junaili (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/junaili)

Junaili, Himalayan apothecary bringing your restorative personal care products, from the finest wild apricots and botanicals.

35. Just Herbs (https://vanitywagon.in/collections/just-herbs)

With the full disclosure to their cruelty-free and organic products, Just Herbs has come a long way now into the beauty world with the well-trusted solutions that are harmless to your skin and hair providing them deep nourishment and growth.

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