Whether many of us will admit it or not, we are deeply ungrateful for what we have. It is a habit we acquired during the time the attitude 'more is better' was the dominate attitude of modern civilization. Becoming a Gratitude MASTER has not been easy for me... It has taken me years of practice because I was in deep denial of how ungrateful I truly was.

When I was a teenager my mother told me that I was the most ungrateful person she ever knew. I blew her off, after all, I was one of those know-it-all teenagers and dismissed everything my mom said as her way of trying to control me.

In my forties her words came back to haunt me. Mom was right, I was the most ungrateful person in the world or at least close to it. I had been blessed with plenty of everything, in my life, yet I was a very unhappy person. Little did I know my lack of gratitude was the source of my unhappiness.

I noticed the more I persisted in being ungrateful,the unhappier I became until I started feeling suicidal. I couldn't understand why, I might not be a grateful person but I was a good person.

Instead of looking at myself and my own bad attitudes, I blamed everyone else for my losses UNTIL one day a person expressed a 'lack a gratitude' to me for a ton of work I did for them free of charge.

It felt awful not receiving one kind word of gratitude from that person. The lack of gratitude on the part of that person pushed me away from that person and removed all desire from my heart to ever do anything again, free of charge, for that person.

That experience made me realize that when I express a lack of gratitude for the good things people do for me that must be the way the God of the Universe feels towards me, pushed away, not wanting to give me one more good thing. Over time this proved to be true.

As a result of persisting in never expressing gratitude for what I had or expressing gratitude for the good things people did for me, the Universe took from me every material thing I had. As a result, I ended up going bankrupt not once but twice.

I am a slow learner but after the second bankruptcy I finally realized what an ungrateful bastard I truly was and began the process healing myself by becoming a Gratitude MASTER.

The #1 gratitude lesson I have learned on the path to becoming a gratitude master is this one:

Expressing sincere gratitude for what we have guarantees we will attract more good things into our life to be grateful for. It is just another way the law of attraction works for us...

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Frederick Zappone is a Western PA native and the former VP of a nationally known company. He has spent over twenty-five years showing people on how to make their dreams come true using easy to understand self-help methods and techniques that produce amazing results in a very short period of time.