Brainwave entrainment is a scientifically proven technological tool that allows the brain to mimic a repeated and rhythmic sound stimulus with the intention of producing a specific brainwave frequency. There is a large amount of substantiated clinical proof, of the effectiveness of entrainment helping with addiction.
Entrainment can help you access the area of your brain, through sound frequency patterns, that is responsible for the laying down of habits and addiction. From this place, brainwave entrainment allows you to change the scripting that is ingrained in your neural networks, making new pathways, eliminating orders that prompt addiction, replacing them with new empowering networks, that become your default.
Why Intelligent People Get Addicted
Intelligent people are more likely to become addicted to a substance like drugs or alcohol, than any other group.
Intelligent people:
• Take risks because they don't think anything bad will happen to them. They do not consider that their behaviour could kill them.
• Don't think that they will get addicted. They believe they are the one in control of the behaviour.
• Use drugs/alcohol as an escape from real life. They don't see far down the rabbit hole at how the addiction will eventually make life worse.
• Think drugs/alcohol are harmless fun.
• Realize that drugs/alcohol can regulate their emotions. They won't feel as much and/or it enhances their mood.
• Feel drugs/alcohol gives them comfort and pleasure.
• Think they are just using their drug of choice, socially. It can be a shared activity, making them part of a group. This behaviour is reinforced by society. (New Year's Eve parties, St. Patrick's Day celebrations, welcoming a new baby, having a birthday, etc.).
• May use drugs/alcohol to explore their spiritual or intellectual side.
• Really believe they are smarter than the drug/alcohol and think they control their experiences with it.
• Use drugs/alcohol as a form of rebellion, to define themselves, resisting authority or the norm.
• When depressed, will try to find something to change how they feel-hence the use of drugs/alcohol. Intelligent people "self-help."
Once you find that the drug/alcohol gives you, you surrender to the behaviour and once you surrender, you become addicted and the drug/alcohol is in control. Any drug/alcohol that brings relief from psychological pain, physical pain, illness or discomfort, will be welcome.
When something produces relief, the brain releases a large amount of a neurotransmitter called dopamine. This natural drug sends a rush of pleasure or euphoria through the body.
The elevated release of dopamine may be the strongest reason that addiction develops.
High levels of dopamine make any person feel a strong sense of power, and an immediate feeling of pleasure. You feel omnipotent.
Engaging in the addiction, produces the pleasurable feeling of dopamine, reinforcing the behaviour.
The only way to stop the cycle of addiction, is to interrupt and change this behaviour, and the only place to do this and change the programming, is in the subconscious mind.
Brainwave entrainment allows intelligent people to break an addiction by taking them to the source of the behaviour, limiting the power of the negative programming, enhancing the power of new positive programming etching it deeply into your brain's gray matter.
Brainwave entrainment can help you access the subconscious mind where you can change your blueprint. It is here that you can eliminate bad programming and instigate new positive programming. Once you have established new neural networks in your gray matter, your new programming will become your default, and your life will change.
The subconscious mind will do whatever you tell it to do, if you communicate with it in its own language.

Author's Bio: 

Wanina Petlock works in the medical field, specializing in end of life care. She is a reiki master and a birth and death doula, and is very acquainted with energy work, both present and distance. Over twenty years ago, Wanina started using a clinically proven audio technology called brainwave entrainment to help her meditate because she didn't have the time to devote to a rigourous practice. She has investigated all the different applications for this powerful therapy and found it easy, fast, and effective . Brainwave entrainment has been scientifically proven to be one of the better therapies for panic anxiety disorder, substance abuse, ulcers, colitis, chronic pain, psoriasis, hypertension, prevention of heart attack, prevention of hardening of the arteries, arthritis, fibromyalgia, cancer, insomnia, migraine, the prevention of stroke, allergies, asthma, Parkinson's disease, fatigue, chronic pain, and multiple sclerosis. It has also been found to expand your state of consciousness and awaken latent psychic abilities.
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