The term "brainwashing" carries connotations of propaganda at best, disappearance into ideological cults at worst. If we think of it as manipulation to change attitudes, then we're in the mainstream of contemporary society.

Our children are brainwashed every day. They are bombarded with messages from advertisements, parents, teachers, relatives, caregivers, street-corner preachers, movies and TV, and peers. Some children perceive these messages as critical—disapproving of them. In any case, they "brainwash" a child's self-concept by the time he is seven years old.

Two words, imprinted early, can cause years of trouble. They are "nasty" and "shame". "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me," is a lie. Words can hurt.

Words can help, too.

Why not change the wash? Deliberately provide beneficial alternatives based on solid research? Self-esteem programs that failed lacked current knowledge.

The last decade has given us an explosion of information about the human brain. In his book, "Unleashing Your Brilliance", Dr. Brian E. Walsh describes research that pinpoints various functions of the brain. He writes, "The human brain has three separate, yet dynamically interconnected, parts known as the Triune Brain; it incorporates the Reptilian Brain, the Limbic Brain, and the Neocortex. Through understanding their individual functions and symbiotic interactions, we can better understand accelerated learning."

And, we can experience enjoyable, exciting learning! Read this marvelous book and you will see why I call for student brainwashing.

Imagine a school district where, from third grade through high school, each student desk is equipped with earphones and a storage box. Beginning in third grade, teachers explain how brainwaves function.

Brainwaves are electrical vibrations that flow and can be measured by the number of pulsations per second.

Beta level is 14 to 20 pulsations per second—best for action, fully conscious thinking

Alpha level is 7 to 14 — best for creative thinking and daydreaming (We go in and out of Alpha every 90 minutes naturally)

Theta level is 4 to 7 — sleep

Delta level ½ to 4 — deep sleep

The Beta level is the conscious level; Alpha is the upper level of the subconscious where intuition works.

The most brilliant and successful people in history deliberately slowed their minds to deep Alpha level daily.

Imagine a school district where all students understand the benefits of going to Alpha level fifteen minutes every day. In elementary school, it might be just before or after recess. At the same time every day, the students would put on their earphones, close their eyes, and listen to a warm recorded voice lead them in a state of calm relaxation. Alpha level.

Imagine the suggestions that voice could send to their subconscious minds beginning with, "You are aware at all times . . .
"You are now able to use your brilliant, creative mind."
"You are growing stronger and brighter every day."

"Picture a bubble wrap that nobody else can but you can pop. It's invisible. It protects you. You can put it around you or hold it in front of you. It's slippery on the outside. When anyone insults you, his words slip right off and back onto his own feet."

Of course, parents would know and approve of recorded content.

The suggestions would change and grow more sophisticated by grade level, gender, demographics. High school students, trained through the grades, might create their own.

Imagine such a school district. The stress levels would be low, confidence and academic scores really high. No ADD. No Ritalin. No absentees. Much creativity.
I have benefited so much from audio discs that slow down my brainwaves and shift my self-perception upward, I want the whole world to participate.

Difficult to sell to parents, administrators, staff, legislatures? Definitely.

Worth it? What do you think? Let me know, please.
Evelyn Cole, MA, MFA
The Whole-mind Writer

Author's Bio: 

Evelyn Cole taught English for 23 years. To get high school freshman interested in Greek mythology she persuaded them to teach it to sixth graders across town by email. To get college freshman to understand why they were required to analyze literature, she showed them how semantic analysis relates all subjects. She has three published novels, short stories, poems, one textbook, two self-help e-books called “Brainsweep” and “Your Inalienable Right” and a related series of articles called “Mind Nudges.”

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