“Brainiacs Say: Inspiration Attracts Your Goals”
• 1. “Michael, want to start every day like a Brainiac?”

• 2. “Pop, Is it quick & easy, I’m still recovering from the weekend?”

• 3. “You already know HOW to do it. It just arranging the steps into a strategy that wins you your goals. OK?”

• 4. “If I fall asleep, don’t embarrass me, right?”

• 5. “When you get interested in learning more, your brain goes into Beta brainwaves of alertness & arousal, and you cannot drift off. Please answer this.

• Question: do you ever hear a little voice in your mind say, “No – you can’t!” when you’re thinking about doing something new?”

• 6. “Sure, but I don’t have to listen right?”

• 7. “Strategy. When you hear that “still-small-voice of your
Inner-Child”, all you do is Mentally repeat with feeling,
“Cancel! Cancel! Stop-Stop! - Delete-Delete!” One last step, mentally visualize yourself Doing exactly what you wanted to do before your heard, “No – you can’t!”

• 8. “That’s smart Pop – Cancel-Stop-Delete strengthens my Intent & Willpower, right?”

• 9. “Exactly. You know the words – Inspire, Inspiration, & Inspired, but did you know they mean “to breathe” from Latin.

• Webster’s says, Inspire is to ‘draw-in-the-breath’, inhale. When someone ‘inspires’ you to try new ideas, beyond your ‘comfort-zone’.

• ‘Inspiration’ draws breath into your lungs and oxygenates your brain for learning & memory improvement. Nice?”

• 10. “Like telling me about the gifts & talents I have, but not using?”

• 11. “Right again. Example: when we train people in Speed Reading, they are afraid of failing, and being embarrassed. Those kind of negative thoughts and feelings cause a stoppage (loss) of learning-skills & memory.”

• 12. “I know that one it’s called a “self-fulfilling-prophesy”, right Pop?”

• 13. “You got brains you Are using, Mike. There are two-baby-easy strategies you can do to enlist your Subconscious Mind on-your-side. Learning & memory are controlled by your Subconscious. So it’s important.”

• 14. “Remember, easy-and-quick, right Pop?”

• 15. “Whenever you want to reprogram your Subconscious, where memories are formed and stored, just do four Diaphragmatic-Breaths.

• On exhaling, whisper, 4-Hum-ms. Four breaths & 16 Hum-ms takes 60 seconds & you go into Alpha relaxing brainwaves.”

• 16. “I use Diaphragmatic-Breathing before tests or standing up giving a presentation. It works, Pop. What else?”

• 17. There’s a link, a connection between Breathing and “Inspired”, right? Second step: Duchenne-Smile on your puss while mentally visualizing the goal you are working on.”

• 19. “Just remember, a real, genuine, authentic smile means showing you teeth and slightly squinting your eyes. Both are required to turn-on your Subconscious to your goal.”

• 20. “I can do that. And you really inspire me to Ace school.”

• 21. “You heard this before, but your Neural Network loves repetition, it strengthens your Synaptic Connections for improved retrieval from memory.

• Repeat it aloud with me. “Learning is always about Doing. Not talking about doing. Not questions about doing. Not trying to do. Learning is about Doing.”

• 22. “What do you mean - doing?”

• 23. “Doing triggers Trial-and-Error, Cause-and-Effect, and Stimulus-Response. They all produce Feedback. When you are doing, you learn and improve your skills and memory. Get it kid?”

• 24. “Doing makes me remember my mistakes, and not repeat them, right Pop? Learn from my errors.”

• 25. “Right. Breathing & Smiling support positive beliefs. So what? When you believe you can, your Subconscious picks up on your strong beliefs, and Acts to make them a reality. Goals become facts.”

• 26. “Makes sense. I’ll Do it.”

• 27. When you mentally visualize a “Historical Success from your own history (graduating and being handed your diploma) or seeing the Yankees win. It inspires you, right?”

• 28. “Wait. And I think and feel, ‘If I did it before, I can win again. If those guys can do it, so can I. That’s inspiration, right?”

• 29. “You are Priming your success Pump. That creates subconscious Success Energy. That’s your Determined-Intent, and Will-Power. They move you to Ace school and your career.”

• 30. “I know I got it, Pop.”

• 31. “Mike, you are a hidden brainiac. Get Inspired & expand your comfort-zone. It’s easy and fast.”

See ya,
Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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