New Brain Research in 2009: How To Influence, Persuade and Convince

1. Fact: speak toward your listener’s RIGHT ear to overcome objections.
It is wired to their left hemisphere and is accepted as logical and reasonable.

2. Fact: Focus on your listener’s LEFT facial side to read their emotions.
The left side of their face is dominated by their right hemisphere and
focuses on how they feel about your idea, plan or proposal. Emotion shows.

3. Fact: each time you call your listener by their name, he/she gets a dose
of Endorphins the pleasure hormone. So what? They cannot resist you.
A positive opening greeting that includes their name is a decision closer.

4. Fact: when you SMILE you activate the mirror neurons of your listener
to feel safe and secure. Folks buy from those they like and trust.

5. Fact: our logical, conscious mind is dominant 16.66% of the time, and
your nonconscious rules the other 83.34%. And?
Each new thought requires the activity of six brain structures, of which five
are nonconscious. Feelings drive behaviors, not logic.

6. Fact: when you reward your listener with an Atta-Boy! - Smile, or a
Gold Star (remember kindergarten), any positive reinforcement, or
withhold a negative reinforcement like a sneer or angry word, your
listener moves over to your side – the law of liking. Folks say yes! to
people who make them feel good.

7. Fact: to changes minds change your listener’s mood. All moods are emotional states, and we want one that can be motivated and persuaded.

8. Fact: A competitive advantage creates an emotional reason to say yes.
Some folks have a magnetic personality, and you enjoy being around them.

Others are so smart; you hope some it will rub off on you. Some make
us smile and even giggle – it makes your whole day. People love celebrities
they fill Broadway theaters with their fans.

What is your competitive advantage? Wait. It could be you are a great
listener who laps up every word spoken. Folks love that. Maybe you can play the guitar or keyboard and offer pleasure. You may know all the football or
baseball statistics and can be an expert on the Jeopardy show.

I have seen some salespeople who are no better than average, but earn $200,000 annually and have for the past 20 years – solely because they can
tell flaky jokes or do jerky magic tricks. Word-of-Honor. Competitive advantage? Folks cannot wait for them to visit to break up the monotony.

It makes them unforgettable, and people say YES to people who amuse
them – all things being equal like price and quality.

Will family, friends, peers and neighbors admire and ENVY their decision?
Example: the purchase of a new Mercedes vs. a Chevy.

9. Fact: our brain processes language differently for boys and girls. Males think in pictures and mental movies, and females think more in words and less in pictures.

Adult (male/female) brains make no distinction between memory, imagination, and a reality experience. Our conscious and nonconscious thinking process requires manipulating mental imagery.

If you speak without using similes, metaphors, analogies, and simple examples that create instant mental pictures in the mind of the listener,
sorry, you are boring and persuading nada.

Impress your listener, client or buyer, not yourself with how smart you are.

10. Fact: our brain remembers through Association (links) between something new and an existing long-term memory. The Law of Association works both on a conscious level or nonconsciously through emotionally driven behavior.

Every December 7, older Americans relive through association, the bombing
of Pearl Harbor and World War 2. On each 9.11 we now remember by
association the World Trade towers and the terrorists involved.
Example of Association in learning the English Alphabet backwards:

Why? Because firing your neurons doing the alphabet backwards is a mental
exercise, and creates Cognitive Reserve and avoids senior years dementia.
Oh yeah, it makes your peers think you are a brilliant star.

1. Start off with what you know the last three letters of the Alphabet –
2. The initials for the State of West Virginia: WV
3. The initials for the State of Utah: UT
4. Remember this Acronym (first letters) “Some Reporters Quickly Pour
5. Jig = JIHG
6. FED –Ex FED
7. CBA (Cost Benefit Analysis) CBA.

Coda: Associate the letters of the Alphabet backwards

11. Fact: facial expressions (body language) of Nodding and Shaking your head
are a form of Positive Reinforcement (Operant Conditioning/Behavior Modification. When others nod or shake their heads to what you say, they nonconsciously confirm or deny agreement. You know if you are influencing them.

Seeing you nod or shake your head activates their Mirror Neurons causing empathy with your ideas. You can choose to intentionally nod or shake your head to influence others. It is a powerful skill.

12. Fact: Spaced-Learning helps influence and persuade others. Most people
speak like a runaway train without considering the consequences of boring
(turning-off) the listener. Speak intentionally in 12-15 minutes segments and
stop for a 5-minute period of distraction.

Do Not discuss your topic during those 5-minutes. Return and do another 12-15 minutes of knowledge, and stop again for another 5-minute break. Continue this model for a maximum of 60-90 minutes. Compare Spaced-Learning to straight- lecturing to unconscious minds. Nyet.

How come? Unless you are speaking to a room of reincarnated Albert Einsteins, the Attention-Span of Homo sapiens ends at 15 minutes, and you do not want to be talking to Zombies.


If you can read and remember three (3) books, articles and reports in the time
your peers can hardly finish one, is that a positive competitive advantage?

Our experience is - it leads to career promotions. How do we know? We teach speed reading to corporate Executives. Ask us for our Free Report on learning powerful Speed Reading skills and strategies.
We got twenty-two Emails that asked for a repeat on training visual memory through three (3) really stupid jokes. It aint the dumb jokes, but firing your neurons to improve your long-term memory.

1. What do you have with a Fish with no eye? Oh yeah – Fsh.
2. Why do Extraterrestrials (Aliens) never eat a Clown? They TASTE funny.
3. What is the difference between Chopped Steak and Pea Soup?
Ans. Any certified moron can chop steak, but point out a guy who can PEA Soup!

Now remember those three jokes tomorrow. Why again?

“The neurons that Fire together, Wire together.” Dr. Donald O. Hebb.

See ya later,

copyright © 2009 H. Bernard Wechsler

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