What are "neurobics"? Actually, this is a term you may not be familiar with, but it's similar to aerobics. Aerobics are exercises your body takes part in, and they keep you healthy and fit. By the same token, neurobics are exercises that your brain needs to stay fit, too. And if you do this day after day, you're going to create some fun and some, well, disorganization in your world.

Neurobics are fascinating because you can use all of your senses to exercise your brain. It also allows you to explore your emotions and to see how everything works together. When you do this type of activity, your brain gets stronger. And in fact, you'll actually grow new brain cells, which is important for overall mental health.

Some fun examples of neurobics include getting dressed, eating, or doing other familiar activities with your eyes closed. When you do this, you rely on other senses besides the ones you normally use to get these things done. Or, engage in a conversation where you can't actually talk. Instead, you have to use body language to express yourself.

Another thing you can do with neurobics is to explore two things at once. This isn't really the multitasking we're more familiar with, and instead is something that you do to enhance creativity. For example, you can draw and listen to music on the radio at the same time.

You have a lot of routine things you do that you probably don't even notice. In fact, these habits are simply a part of our brain patterns, and we do them without even thinking about them. With this type of neurobics, you're going to change your normal routines so that you exercise your brain. For example, if you normally clean your kitchen first, do it last the next time you clean. The next time you start your day, do it differently than you "always" start it. In other words, shake things up, and do things little bit differently.

Another example is that you can use your non-dominant hand for an entire day to do activities you'd normally use your dominant hand for. It's going to be very hard, and it's going to take a lot of concentration on your part. However, you'll probably discover that you're going to get better as the day goes on. It will change the way your brain has to think when it comes to accomplishing a task that has become so mindless for you.

There are lots of different ways to experiment with neurobics. Have fun and try different things, and do everything you can to learn from it. With most of these tasks, you can do them at home, you can do them at work or when you travel. What's important about this is that you identify those things you always do a certain way. When you do this, make a conscious decision to do it differently. You can also keep notes (which can be fun) to document what you've discovered as well as what comes out of your neurobic activities.

It can be very fun to take part in neurobics, because they will develop your mind. In fact, neurobic activities can help you discover what you -- and your brain -- can accomplish every day. And, it helps you see that your brain in fact controls a lot of what you do. All too often, we may just go along with it and not question it, but this needs to be something we put behind us. Explore neurobics, though, and you'll see that you have the ability to change things around you and always keep learning fresh and new -- and keep your brain challenged -- a new and exciting ways.

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