If you are not aware of your own brain power then you may not know much about yourself. Human brain is very powerful indeed and there are various aspects which should be added in the most important considerations of a person. If you are willing to know your brain power then you can surely improvise a few simple techniques and method which will allow you to understand about the power of your brain. You just need to close your eyes and imagine that you are going to get into a conversation with the most superb individuals of the world. You can go on with a conversation with the most well known personalities of this particular world even if they don’t have any existence now.

You can start a regular conversation with them and you will be going through it with the power of your mind. Your imaginations will go on deeper and deeper where you will be just focusing on the conversation going on. You will be able to hear the thoughts of every individual and you will go through a few things in that conversation which may not be included in your thoughts nor even in your imaginations. Similarly, you will notice that something strange is going on in your mind and there is just nothing as what you would have actually perceived. This can be a bit confusing and you can just carry on with the conversation.

Remember that everything is just going through your imaginations and there is just nothing which you can recall as reality but suddenly you will observe that there are a few things which you may not be aware as well. There was something in the conversation of those special people which really was a bit strange. You need to start focusing on what actually was going on there? You will come up to the conclusion that there was a bit special about it and there were a few aspects in it which were not in your imaginations. This is weird though one can not consider it as just imagination of an individual. This is the mind power of the person which leads an individual to the parallel realities of the universe.

This is the flash of inspiration and there are numbers of people all around the world who have been actually going through this highest level of inspiration. This particular method will allow you to attain the proper knowledge about the brain power and how it can be linked with the parallel universe. You will come up to the conclusion that this is not the only universe which is in front of us. The concept of parallel universe has been proved with the assistance of quantum physics. One will be able to know about it in depth with the assistance of quantum jumping methods. One can surely know the actual truths of the universe with his brain power through quantum jumping techniques.

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