Cervical cancer is found to affecting a major population of females in India. Brachytherapy treatment is the chosen method of treatment for this disease along with Radical chemo-radiotherapy. Brachytherapy plays a crucial role in this treatment on account of the high dose it delivers to tumor, and at the same time reducing its effect to the critical surrounding organs.

In the initial days, systems such as Paris, Manchester and Stockholm gained fertile clinical experience for delivering specific doses to tumor without the presence of planning systems of treatment. But, later Brachytherapy gained popularity and became an intrinsic part in radical radiotherapy with the evolution of applicators and radium substitutes such as Co-60, Cs-137 and Ir-192.

Developing countries such as India are estimated to have 80% of cervical cancer occurrences, which is reportedly one-fourth of the total cervical cancer cases across the world in a time span of one year. Additionally, two-third of the total infected population is diagnosed with an advance stage of the disease. In the current scenario, conclusive evidence has not yet been established to prove that women infected by cervical cancer at the advanced stage need to remove their wombs for avoiding the spread or return of the disease. The study in this spectrum says that hysterectomies are not necessary for women unless the disease has attacked the womb or returned.

Where does India stand in the treatment of Cervical Cancer?

Surgeons in India have discovered that the Brachytherapy treatment grants a high radiation dose than normal when placed adjacent to or in the tumor. Following this approach is helpful for the reduction of damage occurring to the healthy tissue, and in the process increasing the probability of the destruction of the tumor.

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