The start of relationships are mostly unique for each couple although most of them might begin with a friendly introduction. Unfortunately, the same goes on how a relationship ends as the situation for why a relationship crumbles is uniquely different for each couple. However, if your boyfriend wants to breakup and you’re confused as to why, here are some of the reasons why he may want to move on.

Women sometimes forget that men suffer from emotions too. Men get emotionally hurt too; the only difference is that they don't show it as often as women do. There are times when women fail to say anything nice to the men in their lives. Guys also like it when women notice any changes in them like a new shirt or a new haircut, especially if it was done deliberately to please the girl.
Men Don’t Feel Heard
Some boyfriends feel as if their girlfriends don't listen to them. Usually, it's the girls who do all the talking. When a guy tells you something, you should make an effort to listen to them. They also have their own points and opinions despite any objection coming from your end. Males don't like it when girls dismiss their opinions, thinking that it's not worth hearing
Men Want Their Relationships to Be Private
Relationships should be kept private between the people who are in it. It is not considered OK for you to broadcast every single detail of your love life to practically every person you know or don't know. Posting about you latest argument online or even telling your friends and family about it would only make the situation more difficult. This is one of the most serious reasons about why a boyfriend wants to break up.

Men Need Their Space
Men also need time to be alone, but not necessarily to be away from their girlfriends. Like women, guys just need some time be with themselves and think about life. Some women tend to be too clingy. They want their boyfriend to always be at their side. Being in a relationship doesn't mean you and your partner must be joined at the hip. You are both different people with individual ideas, desires and dislikes. The relationship in spite of the subtle differences is the reason why the relationship is unique. Without these differences, what would be the point of staying in that relationship? You'll just find yourself worrying that your boyfriend wants to break up with you.

Men Feel They Aren’t Good Enough
Possibly the most common reason why a boyfriend wants to break up with you is because you are forcing them to change who they are. As mentioned, you are two very different people. Your love for each other is basically the top thing that connects you together. Why can't your focus be concentrated on that? Learn to love him in despite of his imperfections. This way, a breakup would be out of the question.

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