Boyfriend Wants To Break Up But Still Loves Me: How To Act When He Breaks Up With You

What exactly should you do if your boyfriend wants a break? Many women are faced with this and the first obstacle they run into is trying to determine exactly what "a break" is. Regardless of how your boyfriend tries to spin it, a break is short for a break up. He wants his freedom and he's asking for it in a way that he thinks is compassionate. He may try and tell you that you two can reevaluate the situation in a few months, but truth be told, he's not thinking that far ahead. He wants to end the relationship now, and that's all that's on his mind.

Your initial reaction when your boyfriend wants a break may be to fight him on it. You are likely going to get fairly emotional if you still love him. It's not uncommon for women to burst into tears, plead with their boyfriend to reconsider and even tell him that they can't live without him. All of these are the wrong things to do. If you act this way the break your boyfriend wants is going to last forever. You have to pull yourself together and do the opposite of what your heart is telling you to do.

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The very best thing you can do when your boyfriend wants a break is to agree with him. Tell him that you were considering the same thing and you're glad that he sees things the same way you do. Don't be surprised if his mouth falls open in shock when you say this. He'll be expecting a much different reaction. By agreeing with your boyfriend you are accomplishing one important step in your mission to get him back, you are taking control over the break up. With that one statement you made him feel like the one who was being rejected instead of you.

Whenever a person feels rejected they are more likely to want that thing back. That's one of the reasons you feel so strongly about winning him back after a break up. If you make him feel rejected he'll become the one trying to win you back. Just agree to the break, then take a few weeks to focus on yourself. Don't contact him during this time and like magic he'll be the one calling you because he misses you so much.

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Listen To Your Head And Not Your Heart After A Breakup

Listening to your head and not your heart after a breakup boils down to letting rational thought guide your actions instead of relying on emotions.

Your emotions will be widely mixed and highly variable when a breakup with your ex occurs. You might experience anger, pain, confusion, depression, resentment, insecurity, regret, relief, or a combination of all of these at the same time. If you let your emotions get the best of you, then you will find your actions pushing your ex further away.

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The reason is simple. When you let your emotions control your actions, you will tend to panic and become desperate. You will feel the need to do something quick out of fear of losing your ex forever. This causes you to do things like text, call, e-mail, or leave Facebook and/or MySpace messages repeatedly to try and communicate with your ex.

You end up begging, pleading, and apologizing over and over to try and convince your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend to take you back. You will tend to say things you don't really mean and will explode in anger much easier when trying to repair the relationship doesn't go your way. You become desperate, needy, dependent, and ultimately suffocating to your ex.

When your ex feels pressured or cornered because they can't get away from you, then they will want to flee. They will quickly lose attraction for you. You become a burden to them.

When this happens, they start to associate only negative emotions with you when they see you, think of you, or hear your voice. If they are unable to remember and miss all the things they love about you, then it will be almost impossible to get them back.

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Talk to your ex- I know it sounds too simple to work, but maybe that's why there's hope here. Maybe your ex was always complaining about how you never talked and perhaps your ex just wanted you to open up. As well, when you talk to your ex, you also have a chance to apologize and make amends over the mistakes you had made, and let's face it, we all make mistakes. Expect that since we do not learn relationships in school, and it's a trial and error thing, that you did in fact make some mistakes and probably your ex would at least like to hear that you are sorry and are willing to work on those aspects of your life.

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Talk to your ex's parents and friends- Find out what your ex truly needs from you, and how they are feeling now. You should be prepared to take a few low blows, since his/her friends only want the best for your ex. However, since they want the best for your ex, that is why you must talk to them and try to become on good terms with them. This will ensure that they are not against you and that they are not telling your ex not to take you back.

Listen to your ex- This is an extremely important step, because the chances are, you probably never really listened to your ex when you were together. You must go by what your ex needs, not what you think you need right now. This is because if your ex wants space, the last thing you need to be doing is calling your ex constantly, stalking etc... because that will instantly make your ex turn you down. However, if you were to take a different approach and actually try giving your ex what they want, he/she will be way more easygoing with you and will want to be around you more... till finally he/she takes you back.

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Did you just breakup with your partner and now you're asking yourself "will I get my ex back?" Are you feeling skeptical about winning back your lover? Are you wondering if you truly have a chance of getting your ex back or are you just in over your head?

These are questions you often go through during a breakup. You are left wondering if it's time to move on. But what if you can't? What if you know it isn't over and you feel that there's still a chance to win back you ex? Will I get my ex back? You can, as long as you know what to do and what to avoid.

Effective tips

* First, shut down all thoughts and be honest with yourself. Do you really want your ex back or is the idea of not having a girlfriend/boyfriend too much for you? Are you compelled to follow your ex because you like the idea of having a lover or do you want your ex back because you're feeling possessive and angry? Find out the real reason first because if it's not for love, then there's no reason to try to patch things up.

* Be sure it's the right time to contact your ex. Give it at least a month and if your ex hasn't contacted you yet, then it's more or less safe to make your move. You can start with a phone call and ask if he or she would like to get some coffee so the two of you can catch up.

* Keep the conversation light-hearted. Steer clear of serious talks and tell your ex that you just want to catch up. Make sure the conversation is not intimate and don't spend more than an hour or two with your ex.

* Remember that this isn't a battle. There are no winners or losers. You shouldn't talk about meeting other people or try anything to make your ex jealous. If you want to win your ex back, then stop the games.

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* Take it slow and easy. When you and your ex are in speaking terms again, don't rush back into things. Rebuild your relationship by being friends again and work your way up from there. You shouldn't waste time lashing at each other. Better yet, don't talk about the past unless it's good memories. Learn how to forgive and forget.

Remember that it's possible to salvage relationships. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind. There are things you need to avoid and pitfalls to remember during a breakup.

The do not do list

* Do not even think about begging or pleading your ex to come back to you. This only makes the situation very negative and you are just compromising your self respect. Remember that getting back together should be mutual.

* Do not keep sending your ex messages, phone calls, or even show up unexpectedly at their work or home. You need to give your ex his or her space or things will go from bad to worse. Your ex wouldn't want to see you if you start getting in his or her personal space.

* Don't expect that things will work out immediately. Give it time and try not to keep high hopes. There's always the chance that things won't work out so you need to be prepared for that situation.

* Don't go after or chase your ex if they have moved on or is in another relationship. You're only leading yourself to more pain. Do not be the kind of person that destroys another's happiness.

* Don't apologize over and over or interrogate your ex's friends and family. You've apologized for your mistakes, now give your ex time to think things through.

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