Boyfriend Left Me for His Ex and I'm Pregnant: My Boyfriend Has Left Me Pregnant and Gone Back to His Ex

"My boyfriend left me for his ex," said the woman shaking her head in disbelief. It's humiliating and painful enough when your boyfriend dumps you but when it's so that he can reconnect with his old girlfriend, that cuts you to your emotional core. You feel as though you were living on borrowed time with him and you wonder if every moment he spent with you he was thinking about her. As much as you know that the logical thing to do is to wash your hands of it and just walk away, you can't. Your heart won't let you. You love him and you're convinced that he feels the same way about you. If that sounds like the story of your life at the moment, don't feel sorry for yourself a moment longer. You need to get focused on what you can do to get him back with you and away from her.

If your boyfriend left you for his ex don't try and convince him that he's made the wrong choice. You know he has but trying to convince him of that will only make you look desperate in his eyes. Whenever a woman pleads with a man to take her back or she talks badly about another woman in an effort to win his heart, she devalues herself. You know that you're the superior choice for him so there's no better way to convince him of that then to show him.

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Instead of taking the obvious approach by calling him all the time and reminding him of why he left her to begin with, show him what a mistake it was leaving you. The best way to do that is to show your boyfriend that you're mature and emotionally able to handle rejection on a scale like this. It's very hard to accept that your man dumped you and ran back to the woman he was with before he met you, but you do need to accept it in order to get him back. In other words you need to do the opposite of what he's expecting you to do.

Every man is driven by the challenges that present themselves in his life. It's why men are so captivated by sports and it's also why they chase after specific women. If you throw yourself at your boyfriend's mercy and beg him to leave his ex for you, you're killing his attraction for you. However, if you smile sweetly, tell him that you only want the best for him and you jump back into the dating pool, he'll fall over himself trying to win you back. Become the woman he can't have anymore and you'll be the woman he wants. Male psychology has proven that to be the case so use that knowledge to your advantage.

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Are you finding it extremely difficult to win back an ex? Perhaps you've already tried a million different things and nothing seems to work. You've just been left more hurt, desperate, and frustrated than ever before.

This article explores 2 reasons you may be struggling to get your ex back. Read to the end and you will be given a link to an excellent resource you can use immediately to help you the rest of the way until you win back your ex.

Winning back an ex is often difficult for 2 reasons.

Reason #1 - Your Ex Holds All The Power In The Relationship

If you've been dumped by someone you're still in love with, then the balance of the relationship immediately shifts in their favor. When they know you want them back, then they have complete control over what happens next.

Many times an ex will enjoy making you work and will put you through a lot of drama to prove you want them back. They are in control of what you desperately want and they know it.

In the end, you get taken advantage of and your ex gets to have their cake and eat it too. Because they know how much you want to get back together, they can still have you in their life and date other people at the same time. They can be with whoever they want because it doesn't feel like they've lost you. They know you'll still be there begging for them to take you back.

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To reverse this situation and get your ex to take you back, you need to become less available. Don't make it known how much you miss them and how desperately you want them back. Stay busy hanging out with other people and occupy yourself with activities that don't revolve around your ex.

When you keep your distance and give off the appearance that you are perfectly OK with or without them, then it shifts the power back toward equilibrium. Your ex is then faced with the real possibility of losing you for good. When they no longer feel like they have you wrapped around their finger, it forces them to make a decision about whether or not they really want the relationship to be over. When they feel they could lose you forever, that's when you'll get them back.

Reason # 2- You're Doing All The Wrong Things

For many people, creating distance with an ex is something they simply can't do. However, it's an absolute must if you want your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend back. Many people mistakenly believe if they run around doing favors for their ex, then their ex will need them and want them around. They mistakenly believe this will prove to their ex how much they love them.


What usually happens is your ex gets fed up and annoyed and pulls away even further. Other times your ex may see how much you want them and will use it to their advantage to get you to do things. Either way, you lose.

If you find that you are begging, pleading, doing favors, constantly calling or texting, or apologizing over and over, then you need to stop immediately. You and your actions may actually be the reason your ex won't take you back.

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You just broke up with your ex. They say let us still be friends, OK? This is not a way to get a chance to ever get back together with your ex. It is a very bad idea! Read on to find out why!

When you started your relationship, you was friends. You supposed to be best friends to love each other. That is how love grows. You are beyond just friends now. You love each other heart and soul. You do not want to now be friends and they go to someone else.

Here is a scenario. If you agree to be friends, you will be the first person to call if they are going out on a date! Do you feel hurt, mad, or sad? Because you still love them! You will be ready to go over and kick that person's butt!

Instead, tell your ex you can not be friends right now. You are too upset and your emotions are all over the map. You just need some time alone to think. When you are more calm and relaxed, then you can sit down and talk to your ex.

Let them know upfront you cannot handle only being friends. You still love them and need them in your life. Talk about why you broke up. Let them know you are willing to fix mistakes if they are willing to also.

Give your ex time to answer you. Let them know you will call them or set up a meeting time to discuss this again. Be strong and do not get upset. If they say no, it is time to move on and go your separate ways. Just wish them the best.

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Do you want to get your ex back? If you do, then one of the things you need to figure out is if your ex still has feelings for you. If your ex still cares for you, then you have a pretty good shot of getting him or her back.

It's hard to move on after a break up especially if you feel that it really isn't over yet. You want to get your ex back because deep down you know that the two of you are meant to be together. You yearn for those good old days when it's just you and your partner. Could you ever be like that again?

Here are a few tips you can try to find out if your ex still has a thing for you.

1. Are you in contact with your ex's friends? Or maybe those friends call you too often. If so, then it's possible that your ex still cares about you and would like to know more about you. If your ex is still curious about you, then it's a sign that those special feelings haven't melted away yet.

Your ex's friends would serve to be an excellent source when it comes to finding out the truth. Instead of waiting for something to happen, a better idea would be asking them directly if your ex still has feeling for you. If yes, then his or her friends would only be too happy to help. This is also your chance to let your feelings be known.

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2. Are you in touch with your ex? It will be easier for you to gauge your ex's feelings if you are in touch with them. Perhaps he or she calls you more often. Do you feel like you are spending more time with your ex even if you claim to be just friends? Does your ex find ways to keep in touch with you a lot, like through phone calls, emails, or even SMS messages?

To know if something special is still there you should try to judge the amount that the two of you communicate. It's a positive signal if you are spending a lot of time chatting with your ex. You know that it's more than just a friendly afternoon call if your ex calls you at night from a party.

3. Is your ex curious about you? When you do see your ex, does it result in flirtation or even talking about the good old days you spend together? Or maybe your ex kept asking if you are seeing someone new. If your ex is curious about what's going on with you right, like if you are in a relationship, then it's a sign that he/she still cares about you.

Your ex is not really asking because he or she wants to know if it's okay for them to see someone else. The reason your ex is asking is because he or she is bothered by the thought that you have moved on and is with someone else. It's possible your ex does miss and is afraid of really losing you. If you're not seeing someone else, then it's telling your ex that there's still a chance of getting back with you.

If you want to get your ex back, you need to trust your instincts. You're the one who spent a lot of time with him/her, so only you can tell if your ex truly still has some feelings for you.

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