Boyfriend Broke Up With Me Because I Went Through His Phone: I Went Through My Boyfriends Phone and Saw Things I Wasn't Prepared For

If you have a situation like me, then you might feel stuck like I do. I am working really hard to get my boyfriend back because I acted like an idiot. I didn't know how to stop myself from feeling possessive. I hated when he went out with his friends and talked to other girls. I couldn't stand watching him text message and laugh at his phone, but he never told me who he was talking to. I would question him and after a while, he got fed up and broke up with me.

I tried talking to him to see if he would give me the chance to change. I really wanted to win my love back, but he wouldn't even talk to me. I knew I had to do something to change myself fast. I know that I have a problem so I started by making a list of all of my mistakes. I wrote down things like, how I felt that he needed to see me every day. That made him feel so smothered. I would check his phone when he was in the shower. I need to learn to trust him or at least pretend until I really do.

I wrote a huge list about what I could change to win my love back and started to tackle them. I have gotten through a few of my problems, like if I see him out, I just smile and don't make a scene. I even flirted with him one time when I ran into him, just to see what he would do. Shortly after that, he started calling me every once in a while. I think he is really starting to miss me and want me back!

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If you need to get him back, then you have probably tried a few different things to try to make him come back. Have you pleaded and begged him? Did you make him promises about your making changes for him? Did you go out of your way to break up his new relationship? How do you think that would have appeared to him? Desperate? Childish? Manipulative? These are not the ways to get him back when you need to get him back.

What other similar things have you been doing in your desperation to make him come back? Have you been stalking him, following him, making your appearance when you're not expected or not really wanted? Is that loving behavior or desperate behavior? Did he come back to you? No? It's obviously not working is it? Now is the time to stop being desperate!

When you need to get him back, in your desperation, you are probably doing the things which will drive him away, instead of making him come back to you. The next time that you accidentally bump into him, by all means say hello. That's it, that's all! Off you go. Leave him in peace. Don't make things uncomfortable between you. Be polite, be courteous, and go.

This new behavior is going to make him wonder what's going on. When you need to get him back and you've been trying desperately for a while, then it's important to start doing the unexpected. Were you constantly texting him? Were you always calling him? Did you turn up where you knew he'd be? It's time to stop this behavior. Only text or call when there is something you have to say, not just another pleading session. Don't text or call if you don't have a pretty good reason.

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Maybe, after a week or so, you can give him a call just to show him that he's still on your mind. Just ask him how he's doing, and easy-going things like that. He may get kinda freaked out. He may ask what you're up to, or why you're really calling. He may be suspicious about how pleasant you're being. All you need to tell him is that you just needed to know how he is, and that you're still missing him. Keep everything good, and keep it short (and sweet)!

When you need to get him back, you need to make him think about how pleasantly different you're being. He needs to wonder why you aren't being your usual desperate self, and what you're up to. He needs to have a chance to start thinking about how he's missing you, and he needs a chance to find out that he must make a move if he doesn't want to lose you.

There is going to be a reversal of roles, where he will start to be the desperate one. When you need to get him back, you must stop giving him too much attention and chasing after him, and now you must let him come chasing after you.

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How to win back your boyfriend after a breakup is not an easy thing to do. But don't worry because there are several tips that will help you with your quest. With any luck and a lot of patience and determination you will be able to win back your boyfriend's heart.

6 Ways on how to win back your boyfriend

1. Stop pestering him

This is why the no contact rule is a must. No one wants to be nagged or pestered after a breakup. He wants some peace and be alone with his thoughts and the last thing he needs is to be bombarded with phone calls from an ex girlfriend. You need to back off because men don't really like obsessive women. You're going to look clingy and pathetic if you keep pestering him.

2. Don't be possessive

He's not yours anymore so you can't tell him what to do or who to hang out with. As a matter of fact, you shouldn't be doing that when the two of you were still together. If you used to do this then you need to change because it could be one of the reasons he left. If you become too possessive and breathe down his neck, trying to find out every little thing he does then he's going to feel like you don't trust him.

3. Avoid ignoring him completely

The no contact rule is important but after a while you can try to keep in touch with him. It's to show him that you're still thinking about him and that you're not harboring any hard feelings. If he calls you, don't hang up or be resentful because you kept remembering how hurt you were. Talk to him for a while then politely end the conversation if you feel it's too much for you.

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4. Look better than before

You can't let yourself go and not pay attention to your looks. While appearances are not everything they do play a role when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. If you want to get his attention then you can't show up with messy hair or ill-fitting clothes that look like you just rolled out of bed. No need to go all out either but at least make an effort to look your best. You can even change your hairstyle or add a few items in your wardrobe if you feel like it.

5. Relax and be happy

You don't want him to think you're lost without him so when you do see him, act like you're doing fine. Just relax and smile at him because you don't want to scare him off. Glaring at him and acting like he was a total jerk for leaving you will send him the opposite direction. Worse, he might think it's laughable that you're so affected by the breakup and he's not really going to want you back if you're acting like a child.

6. Don't let your emotions keep you down

Grieve and let it out because if you don't then you're going to let your emotions keep you down. He's not going to want you back if you keep acting like a lost soul who can't even be content or get back on her feet. Burying your feelings will do more harm than good because you're not really getting rid of them. You're keeping them there and they will fester and you'll end up being angry and bitter. When it comes to how to win back your boyfriend you need to let go of your negative emotions.

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Everyone has been there for you since your break up. They just wish you weren't feeling so down and so depressed about the whole situation. The only way for you to see light on the other side of the tunnel is by getting your ex back.

You've not had the motivation to do anything. You stay in constantly and have become quite unsociable. You're constantly thinking about how you're going to get your ex back rather than think about your life more.

It's human nature that you're feeling like this. Everyone feels the same after you're break up; even your ex! But at the end of the day, you are only making things worse for yourself. By constantly feeling down, you're only portraying a weak self. This is not an attractive quality to have.

Your ex does not want to see you feeling down and upset all of the time. Try and change the way you think by thinking more positively. Think about what you want in life; your goals, your visions and your dreams. Thinking positive will help you take the next important step to get your ex back.

Try not to let things get to you that you're constantly crying if someone mentions your ex's name. Remain positive and think about the good things in life. If people mention the break up to you don't ignore it, say that it was for the best and you needed a change in life.

By constantly thinking in a positive light will help you in all sorts of different ways. If you see your ex, ask how they are. Make sure you look amazing and I bet you that you will get a call sooner or later...Is it him?!

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