One of the reasons that the mixed martial arts is so popular today is because it utilizes a number of other disciplines, sports, and fighting styles. Fighters in MMA are cross-trained in many of these, often choosing one or two specialties, but adept in a staggering array of skills. Becoming an effective MMA fighter is no simple task, as a fighter must not only be successful at the skills at his disposal in the ring, but also be in top physical condition. This includes both strength and endurance, as he will need to be strong without tiring quickly, if he wants to succeed.

To be the best possible MMA fighter, you’ll want to emphasize boxing training for MMA. Don’t forget that there is no successful MMA fighter who doesn’t at least know enough about all the possible disciplines to counter them, so resorting to one type is not going to allow you to be the best. However, as far as the stand-up fighting technique goes, boxing practice is the key to being the best. This doesn’t mean you should ignore your clinch or ground games, but stand-up fighting is pretty much a mainstay in MMA fighting.

First of all, boxing training for MMA will give you the best techniques in punching and kicking. In stand-up fighting, you and your opponent will be exchanging blows and trying to avoid the other’s holds. The other critical piece of the stand-up fighting puzzle is footwork. If you are standing still the whole time, it won’t matter how good your stand-up fighting is. It is difficult to overstate the importance of good footwork in not only MMA fighting, but most fighting sports, because it allows you to dodge blows and outmaneuver your opponent. Fortunately, boxing is an excellent way to teach yourself good footwork.

The other thing boxing training for MMA can do is improve the power and speed those punches and kicks. Powerful punches could end the fight within a dozen seconds, if you combine it with good footwork and proper form. Of course, you’re also likely to meet up with other MMA fighters with a solid base in boxing, but if you are even a little bit better, you’ll have a major advantage. Remember, boxing is not just about good offense, but about good defense, as well. It also emphasizes the need for endurance, because it’s hard to throw punch after punch, especially if they are missing their mark.

Boxing is also useful because it teaches you combinations of blows and strikes. If you master boxing training for MMA fights, you will be in great shape (in more ways than one). Also, don’t underestimate the importance of knowing the same technique that your enemy might use against you. If you don’t master boxing, you have less awareness of the strategy your opponent might be using. Plus, having that more powerful punch, that better footwork, and that longer endurance will go a long way toward getting you the victory.
Boxing training for MMA is a very smart move, and if you are determined to become a professional MMA fighter, you would be wise to get a professional MMA trainer with a strong boxing background.

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