"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with."
— Jim Rohn

Purpose is powerful. Do you know the reason you have deeply committed to your business? What drives you to share your gifts with others? Why you devote so much of your life to your business? Connect with the underlying passion. Discover the compelling reason you do what you do.

Healthy boundaries keep you focused on your purpose. You want to avoid all the people who do not support you. Stay away from the energy vampires, the people who will sap all of your energy with their negativity. You know who they are. Creating distance between yourself and negative people is not easy, particularly when you have close relationships to them. But it will make a difference.

If anything gets in your way, including people who don’t support you, distance yourself as much as possible. Negativity, whether yours or theirs, will sap your energy, affecting your focus and performance.

Boundaries show self respect. Who lifts you up? Who do you look up to, modeling excellent character and sportsmanship? Spend time with people driven to excel; their focus will influence you. Remember the choice is yours.

Initially expressing your needs might feel uncomfortable. Your family and business associates might not take you seriously since they are not used to you setting limits. Be aware of your self-talk and don’t be too harsh on yourself. This is something new and uncomfortable. Letting others know your thoughts will become easier with continued practice. Choose to care for yourself. It is okay to do things for yourself without feeling guilty. Taking responsibility for yourself increases your confidence.

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