We all like to have a ride on bounce houses when visiting any amusement parks. We all enjoy it, no matter whether we are a kid or an adult. We love to play, jump and bounce back, as its name explains, inside those houses. And for kids of any age group bounce houses are a paradise. They are heaven to the children. At the same time, this is a gift that almost every child longs for. If any child is given such a present, namely a bounce house, then it will be a gift they won’t soon forget.

This is the gift that each and every one desires. It is also found that they love it more than anything else. However, there is also trouble associated with it. This occupies a lot of space. As a result, bounce houses, in most cases, can be better used by children belonging to families possessing a lot of spacious homes and land. Yes, they do come in various sizes and shapes, but even the smallest one, from every aspect of size and shape, need a certain amount of space.

Unpacking from gift wrap:

These bounce houses can take a child’s party to a whole new level. Needless to mention, setting it up was indeed a tough job to do in the past. However, many simplifications have been done on the setup mechanism, owing to which the entire process has now become easier and simpler. The following are the steps that are needed to be followed from unpacking it form the package and setting it up.

• Taking out of the bag

First and foremost, the deflated and folded bounce house has to be taken out from its packaging. This is often found out to be the most exciting part in the setup process for every child. This is because they all stay excited to find out how their new playing house is going to be.

• Unrolling it and making it ready to be inflated

Secondly, they have to be unrolled and unfolded and made it a plain plastic rag. This is the primary step in giving the house its shape.

• Connecting the bowler

Almost every house of this sort comes with a unique blower. It is said to be a combo. One of the major reasons behind this is that the size and the dimensions of the air inlet of the house and the air outlet nozzle of the blower may not match. Owing to this mismatch, there will always be a loss in the air pumped inside. Thus the blower has to be plugged in for a greater duration of time, and there will be a rise in the electricity bill due to greater power consumption.

• Turning it on

Now, after setting everything up and completing everything for pumping in air, it is time to turn it on and start inflating it. This is a fun and straightforward job to be done as one only has to hold the blower with his hands and see the bounce house get inflated. This is much of a satisfying thing to watch.

• Inflate it properly

Special attention is needed while inflating the house. This is because if the house is loosely inflated, then there will be insufficient air inside and children will not enjoy jumping and playing inside the house. On the other hand, if there is over-inflation, then there is a chance that the house may burst off due to extreme air pressure on the inner walls of the house. It may even explode when children are jumping inside it. This also brings in the risk of physical injury. Thus the proper amount of inflation can be done by forcing in the optimum amount of air to ensure the utmost bounciness.

Once all the above-stated processes are completed, then it is time for the family to enjoy. The only task of the children, as well as the grown-ups of the family, is to sit inside it and relax. Alongside, the parents and the other adults of the house can also watch the eyes of the kids filling up with joy as they start playing inside it.

Types Of Bouncy Houses

There is a piece of good news for those who are considering to buy a new bounce house. They now have three different varieties to choose from.

• Indoor Bounce Houses

Indoor bounce houses are smaller in size and shorter in height than the options that are widely available on the market. This size is specially designed to fit inside the garages of the small houses. If anyone is in possession of a relatively small house, then this smaller indoor size is the perfect choice for them.

• Standard Bounce Houses

These are also quite similar to indoor bounce houses. However, there are some key differences. One such difference is that they are made with thicker material. They also come with a unique blower which provides a constant supply of air and pressure to the cushion of the bounce house.

These are slightly larger than the indoor bounce houses and tend to be heavier. This increase in weight is due to the usage of stronger materials.

• Inflatable Bounce Water Parks

This is another variety in the choice for the kind of bounce house and is intended for water use. The former two bouncy houses stated above can be dangerous when wet. However, these specially designed water park structures feature additional textures. These additional features turn out to be very much helpful as it prevents accidents which may occur due to sliding.


This article is a support and at the same time, a guideline for the different issues regarding bounce houses. Here I have discussed the different questions starting right from setting it up to the different varieties that are offered by the various stores. I have also mentioned about the specialty of all the models that are available and the sizes and shapes with all their pros and cons. I want to conclude by telling that bounce houses are one of the best gifts that children desire. If they are given this as a present, then this will be something which they will like and remember as long as the house would stay with them.

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