Difficult times happen at some point in all our lives. However, in recent times we have been hit with difficult times that the whole world has been experiencing together. This unique challenge of a ‘world pandemic’ took difficult times and problems to a new level - that we have not experienced in our modern lives.

Dr. Mary Ann V. Mercer, Psy.D., author of ‘Bouncing Back from Difficult Times’ and her work with clients in the midst of the challenges we faced during this time reveals,
“It was a wake-up call for most people regarding their lives. And for many that was very upsetting”. As a result of working and speaking with people from all over the U.S., it revealed a sense of connection and commonalities in dealing with these difficulties and uncertainty. The sense of uncertainty about the future played havoc on everyone, and still does.

Dr. Mercer found, “While a lot of people struggled, I noticed many people flourished.” Why was that? In discovering these patterns, Dr Mercer decided to reach out to all those who are still suffering because of the recent pandemic – as well as to a variety of other ‘difficult times’ in people’s lives. Her new book is for anyone who ever experienced difficult times in their lives.

Dr. Mercer reveals in stories and examples of certain people who overcame and grew through the challenges and difficult times. Dr. Mercer explains, “There are key behaviors, traits and habits that are key to bouncing back from difficult times. Even if you were not born that way, you can learn specific patterns from resilient, hopeful, and optimistic people. These are the individuals who leapt out of these hard times.”

These lessons are key and important right now because of the ongoing uncertainty of our time. In addition, some people are experiencing doubt and anxiousness in needing to enter and face life again. Just because we flicked the ‘on switch’ in our world does not mean everyone is ready or willing to move ahead. Many are still stuck in making sense of it all and doubting not only who they are, what they do they want and what they are capable of doing in their live. Dr. Mary Ann Mercer’s book guides people out of the rut of uncertainty and helps point people in the right direction to not only bounce back but to also gain new meaning and purpose in their lives.

Overall Dr. Mercer explains “…you can learn from resilient and optimistic people in that they deal with their reactions calmly and are not reactive to difficulties. Plus they accept the situations that are challenging them. They acknowledge the need to change their position in a flexible and adaptive manner. This includes changing their expectations and plans for their lives.” People have commented that Dr. Mercer “provides the key to handling all kinds of challenging situations".

Author's Bio: 

Mary Ann V. Mercer, Psy.D., is a Psychologist, Speaker & Intensive Coaching™ co-creator. Dr. Mercer co-authored many books,including SPONTANEOUS OPTIMISM™. She appears on TV & Radio,including Oprah, Home & Family, plus Crook & Chase. Dr. Mercer is quoted in many publications, including Fitness, Self, Health, Martha Stewart, Fitbit & Redbook. She delivers speeches & workshops and co-founded the self-help website www.PositiveLifeAnswers.com where book is available and also at Amazon.