I was reading a blog today and came across an interesting entry about failure in business. As I read through the entry it made me think about the parallels between failure in business and the type of failure we experience when we don’t live up to our own expectations of self.

According to Barry Moltz, author of Bounce, The True Path To Business Confidence, what's important (in business) is that you let go of the successes and failures, and just keep moving forward. It's not about bouncing back, because sometimes you don't come back to the same place. It's just bouncing - being flexible and not getting stuck analyzing what happened to death.

I think the same is true when it comes to self image and our sense of self. The nature of all human beings is that we are all different and no one is perfect. No one feels good about themselves all the time, no one has the perfect body, and no one feels beautiful every time they look in the mirror. The difference though is that the woman who has a high level of confidence and self-esteem is able to be flexible with herself – she is able to “bounce” with how she feels about herself.

If this type of “bouncing” doesn’t come naturally or easily for you then it’s a great opportunity to practice. Instead of staying stuck in negative thoughts about yourself, try bouncing around with different types of self-talk.

Find something you like about yourself. Maybe you are extremely caring, generous, funny, intelligent, etc. Develop a new mantra for yourself. Each time you find yourself engaged in negative self-talk, say to yourself “just bounce” and move to another, more positive thought.

Barry Moltz says that true business confidence comes from riding success and failures, and developing resiliency. I think the same can be true for improving the way we feel about ourselves.

None of us are perfect and feel good about ourselves 100% of the time, but we all have the power to implement change.

Author's Bio: 

Lori Fields is a social entrepreneur, life coach, NYS licensed clinical social worker, and health & fitness enthusiast. She has worked throughout her life to empower others to embrace their beauty and strength.

At an early age Lori realized the power of a woman finding and using her voice. Since then she has become committed to helping women stand up for themselves. She is deeply committed to helping women of all ages achieve true self-acceptance and embrace their beauty.