It is that time of year where the heating bill starts to climb. Lucky for you, Bottini Fuel has an idea on how you can reduce that payment each month. It is not only good for the winter but also the summer. So, are you ready to learn how to save money on your heating and cooling needs?

The Idea

So, you have made sure that all the small holes in your house are sealed up by calking them. You have taken steps to make sure your windows are not leaking by having them inspected and replaced as necessary. You have put up thermal wrap on all your windows to add an extra layer of protection. Finally, you made sure you had separation padding place under all your exterior doors. What if we told you that you actually missed one very important thing? That thing that you overlooked is the thermostat. If you have a regular thermostat, you are not efficiently heating and cooling your home. Below we will provide you with a few reasons as to why you should replace your manual thermostat with a programmable one today.

  1. Control – With a programmable thermostat comes infinite control. You will be able to set the temperature for different times of the day. There is no need for heating or cooling when you are at work and not in the house. Obviously, it should be within a few degrees of the optimal level so when you get home it is at the right temperature, but no need to be the same as when you are home. Second, if you lower the temperature at night, studies have shown this will actually give you a better night sleep.
  2. Financial Savings – We stated at the onset of this article, but we really want you to know just how much money you can save. For every degree below 72 that you set your thermostat, you will save approximately 3% on your heating and cooling bills. This savings can be used for some extras at Christmas, Birthdays, or just a nice vacation that you have always wanted to go on. In a recent study by Energy Star, they found the average electrical bills add up to $2,000 a year. So, if you were to cut just 3% off of that, you would be saving $180 annually.
  3. Convenience – Remembering to shut the thermostat off every day when you leave for work, school, or other activities can be a little hard. We have enough things going on in our lives without having to remember to turn the heat or air conditioning down. With a programmable thermostat, all you have to do is set it once and never have to worry about it again.


When it comes to saving you money, Bottini Fuel has always been there for you. We would like for you to consider saving energy and money this holiday season and the way to do that is by installing a programmable thermostat. Once you have, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

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