Music has been a part of our lives for centuries. Today, we have gadgets like earphones and speakers that are perfect for listening to music. Moving a bit further, we also have sound systems that are perfect for events. Automobiles today also come equipped with some of the best audio systems to make your long journeys more relaxing. In simpler terms, we’re surrounded by audio systems in our modern lives. Since they have become such an integrated part of our lives, it is only best if we opt for the ones that boast the highest quality of sound. This is where BOSS Audio Systems come in.

Sam Rabbani—the founder of BOSS Audio Systems—was stuck with the idea of creating a sound system that would offer unparalleled quality regardless of the environment it is used for. He wanted to take people’s musical experiences up a notch. In 1987, he gave a name to his company by establishing BOSS Audio Systems. The market, however, was already being dominated by players like Pioneer and Kenwood, which made it quite a challenge for BOSS Audio Systems to penetrate the market. Sam had to make sure that his audio system delivered exceptional sound at an affordable price, and that is exactly how he broke into the market. Sam kept on reengineering the systems until he created that perfect device for the market. The audiophile created four major segments for his venture, Elite Systems, Mobile Systems, Marine Systems, and Power Sports.

With the segments Sam catered to, it didn’t take him long to make an impact. Soon, BOSS Audio Systems became one of the most popular brands in the market. With a growing customer-base and over 400 products in the market, BOSS Audio Systems made an alternative wherever there was music. Their products range included everything including in-dash systems, capacitors, woofers, speakers, power pods, and more.

BOSS Audio Systems has developed a global footprint over the years. The company that started off from one place has now expanded its operations to over 130 countries worldwide. Another area where BOSS Audio Systems distinguish themselves is the fact that they make purchases extremely convenient. For starters, each unit from this company is available with a year’s warranty which comes standard. However, Elite Units come with a 2-year warranty whereas the dash units and amplifiers boast a three and four-year warranty respectively.

In addition to that, this company also excels in logistics which ensures swift deliveries on online orders. Due to the amount of client friendly customer service BOSS Audio Systems offer its customers, it was an undoubted fact that it would go on to become the primary choice of consumers in America especially when it came to audio systems. It has been almost three decades since Sam launched BOSS Audio Systems. Over the years, the company has made significant progress. It continued to thrive for more, manufacturing better products every single year. These products can also be purchased online through the company’s website, which further makes things a lot easier for customers. Today, BOSS Audio Systems stands tall being one of the largest audio system manufacturer globally.

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