$200 payday loans are mostly for those with poor credit history who are in a cash crunch due to some unexpected expense e.g., auto repair, medical bills, etc. Approval is based on a wide range of factors.

$200 loan with guaranteed approval and no credit check do exist if you delete the word ‘guaranteed.’ The basic requirements for all payday loans are fairly consistent across all states, although there may be some differences state to state.

The primary benefits of 200 dollar payday loans are the ease of applying and the speed of getting approved (just minutes). The amount of payday loans varies by state but, in general, loans range from $100 to $1,000. There are states that do not allow online payday loans so check your state website to learn more.

Complete a loan request form at CashOne and submit it. It takes anywhere from 1-3 minutes for most people and can be done from your smartphone or PC/laptop. If approved, you will usually be contacted directly by your lender in 1-2 minutes after submission. It is safe, fast, and secure.

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Robin Williams is an Executive at CashOne, which serves to connect consumers across the U.S. quickly with its authorized lender network for payday loans online. Robin has more than 20+ years’ experience in Administrative Management, with several years in the lending industry.