Borivali, also referred as Borivali is a suburban area located in the north-west section of Mumbai Island. Borivali is approximately 18 kilometers away (11 mi) from Mumbai Airport and 33.4 kilometers (20.8 mi) from Churchgate Railway Station. The estimated population of Borivali in 2010 census was over 10 lakhs.

The original residents in Borivali can be divided in two groups: the tribals and the East Indians. These groups owned almost all the land and lived here with agriculture being the only occupation, apart from occasional fishing. There was a huge inflow of people in the 19th century when the price of land began rising between Bandra and Churchgate. There is still a very small population of the original residents, but they all have changed their occupation with the times.

Currently Borivali is considered to be one of most prosperous suburbs in Mumbai.

Borivali town was developed in areas of what earlier used to be the small villages called Eksar, Poisar, Kandivali, Shimpoli, Mandpeshwar, Kanheri, Tulsi, Magathane and others which were situated around Mount Poinsur, between the Dahisar River and Poisar River.

Borivali is situated at the northern tip of western Mumbai. It is one of the major suburbs of Mumbai; social amenities in the area include hospitals, schools, colleges, cafes, good restaurants, shopping malls. Borivali is famous as the "suburb of gardens" — it is a lovely green suburb with gardens at almost every block.

DEMOGRAPHICS- The majority of population residing in Borivali is Marathi and Gujarati. It would be correct to say that Borivali has a very cosmopolitan crowd and a modern air to its community, as it has Marwaris, Sindhis, Catholics, Punjabis, South Indians, and Bengalis as well in equally well numbers.

Borivali is considered to be the melting pot of different ages as the large number of gardens in the western part of this suburb makes this an ideal residential option for people of every age, be it, kids, senior citizens, the middle aged, and college goers.


Education in Borivali West is of world standard. The schools here have a modern infrastructure and provide all the modern facilities to its students. There are many schools that are counted among the best schools in Borivali West. This sub city is a part of mainland Mumbai and hence has all the facilities that the students can avail to enhance their learning.


The school is situated in Rokadia Cross Lane, behind Chamunda Circle, Borivali west, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

KK DESAI is the founder of S.E. International School in Borivali West. The school was formed under a trust. The school commenced its operations in the year 2001. The mission of the trust is ‘Education ensures better tomorrow’. The school believes that knowledge is not the right of a few privileged but should be available to each individual to make a better society and in turn the country, a developed nation.

The school has a well equipped and modern laboratory, a cafeteria, library, gymnasium etc.

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