There are millions of ways to convert your site into a money making profitable website. Start selling your products or promote your services online.

There are thousands of possibilities that you can use to convert your site into a money-making profitable website. Follow these steps and you too can have a money-making profitable website that will generates ever-growing residual online income for years to come!

These profitable websites make money in many different ways. It's a guaranteed blueprint if everything is set up correctly.

Step 1 - Know Your Market

The first step is to decide what niche market you want to target. Once you know who your target audience is, then it will be easier to know where and how to promote your product or service.

Step 2 - Keyword Research

Your business has a special target audience. When you choose the right keywords you will get increases in website traffic that will involve more sales of your products and services.

Step 3 - Choosing The Right Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name can highly affect your website success. Choose a name that is rich in keywords that describe or relatedincrease your site visitors and make more sales for you.

Step 4 - Writing Keyword Rich Page Content

Write informative and interesting keyword rich page content 300-500 words and inserting around 6-7 keywords per page. If your content matches these 4 things than it will net lots of views and traffic to your site which will lead to tons of sales!

Step 5 - Speedy & Reliable Web Hosting

Once you have a domain, you’ll need web hosting to put all of your website files onto the internet. A good web hosting provider offers reliable server up-time and fast Internet connection. You should only choose a web hosting service that guarantee at least 99% server up-time with high-speed Internet backbones.

Step 6 - Build A Perfect Website

Creating a profitable website is a process that continues even after the initial website design is completed. This process requires a critical view of business and marketing processes and a design approach based on giving your website the features, functionality and content necessary to allow it to be successful.

Step 7 - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the most important part of the website optimization process that must be done to rank high for your preferred keywords on the main search engines like Google so that when your customers search online, you (and not your competitors) are found.

Step 8 - Drive Traffic & Make Money

To drive traffic and make money , you should ranked highly in search engines it's that simple. You can do that by using various marketing techniques like (Search Engine Optimization, Article Marketing, Blog Commenting, Yahoo! Answers, Forum Posting, Twitter Marketing) They will drive massive amounts of traffic to your website which will lead to tons of sales!

Step 9 - Monitor & Analyze

Monitor and analyze rankings in major search engines and adjust campaigns accordingly. Track your keyword rankings, monitor your competitors, and analyze your sites content. There are few 100% free tools that you can be using for analyze your marketing effectiveness. Below are 2 TOP tools that we use personally: 1. Google Analytics 2. StatCounter real-Time Web Statistic.

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